Victoria Secret


So, Victoria Secret has recently announced its going to change its models to be more "inclusive", which means they're woke and will be featuring all kinds of obese women and other assorted freaks. One such freak is that annoying women's soccer player that routinely complains about not being paid enough etc.

Here's my initial thought. At first, I was typically disgusted, but, on second thought I realized that this doesn't necessarily carry the clout that it once did. My initial reaction is based on my prior experience with VS. When I was growing up Victoria Secret was a lot more popular with females and males (to admire the models either at the Mall or perhaps a catalog). Today, this brand is struggling. Perhaps management has pulled a rabbit or two out of the hat, but, I recall the parent company L Brands has a lot of difficulty with this brand.

Also, here's a related question that might not seem all that related at first. Does anyone really know what the current ensemble of popular musicians and bands are? Perhaps this is an unfair question given our sample set, but, a sufficient cross-section of society doesn't know either. I got this from Owen Benjamin. Growing up, I'd be able to raddle off the most popular rock bands and singers effortlessly.

Today the consumer landscape has radically changed. Victoria Secret along with Sports Illustrated and even Playboy are among a cohort of legacy business models that relied on bricks and mortar physical stores and physical magazines. This supply chain and the market have undergone a radical transformation with the introduction of the web.

No one is really looking at these brands anymore. I haven't paid for a magazine subscription in years and I still get "Men's Health" and "National Geographic" in the mail...both are thrown immediately into the trash. They're literally given these away for free.

In many respects, there's an element of "who cares". Because despite their legacy brand awareness, their actual impact is nominal. And their brand awareness is declining due to generational changes.

The same effect is occurring in music and in entertainment. I used to write a lot about this back when Roosh ran "Return of Kings". Basically, the web will engender a highly decentralized environment. For males the purpose of Victoria Secret as well as Sports Illustrated, namely the swimsuit edition, was to admire the pictures. This is easily accomplished now by a simple search on your phone. For females, there's an endless assortment of lingerie purveyors they can select from. Said retailers don't need to develop an expensive chain of retail storefronts, rather, operate a lot more cheaply online.

This is not to belittle the severity of wokeness infiltrating our culture. But, in this instance, it may not be that severe. No one really knows what Victoria Secret is. In another decade this brand will probably be gone and so will its memory. As it stands it appears to be on life support anyway.