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God games can be so over wrought nowadays.

Filling the camera with someone elses face, like the whole disembodied talking heads on youtube spewing propaganda to save the planet.
I like these kind of games....

Personally, I find all those shooting and story focused games way too stressful. With this I can build my own business or just a model railroad and relax and get inspired to do something creative in my personal life.


Leonard D Neubache

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Polite Swedish man: This game walks you through how civilization works.
Me in 10 minutes:


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Resident Evil 4 should be next!! I will gladly buy the RE4 remake. I played it a few times but never made it very far... I think I would make it to some kind of pond an then I stopped playing to play other games or something. My video game ADHD was worse back in the day.

I bought the RE2 remake but haven't played it yet... its got glowing reviews doe.


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Wow. Indian Yennefer is an abomination and her character arc is strong-womyn bollocks. Same goes for Ciri, just not quite as bad. The acting and dialogue look low grade. I don't like the casting choices for Geralt and Dandelion either.

The Nilfgardians that are briefly shown in silhouette or very dark lighting will look a bit like ribbed penises as predicted by a chan insider a few months ago.




Oh - they put wings on the penis-helmet of the bad guys - also some kind of feather at the top which then looks as if the penis-scrotum armor is just cumming at the top - nice touch feminists and trigenders.

And the show will be mostly about women - they admitted it in some interviews already.


Avon Barksdale said:
I dont think any of you guys have actually read the witcher books

Fair point - in the books all sorceresses are born deformed and once they learn their craft they make themselves into top-shelf beauties. Not a small red-pill, that.

Avon Barksdale

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rotekz said:
Avon Barksdale said:
I dont think any of you guys have actually read the witcher books

I have read all of them. They do not make a song and dance about Yennefers deformed history.

It seems like with the show though they are actually expounding on her past instead of telling it. I remember a passage in the book when Geralt talked about how all the witches go through the magical process which makes them hot,he explained how he realized Yen was a hunchback.

Another thing though is that Ciri had a lot of pages dedicated to her own story, thats even before a she got separated from Geralt and Yen and started to understand her powers. So I am just going to wait till the show comes out to see if its gonna be bad, because a lot of people are just going by the games.


Really hope they don't give it the Sword of Truth treatment, where they turned an objectivist fantasy story with memorable characters and an interesting magic system into Xena Warrior Princess.