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Netflix is using the Witcher series in a major promotional campaign to break into the markets of Poland and the Visegrad Four. Will they resist the indoctrination?

The Witcher Goes Into Multicultural Mode

The Witcher (Wiedźmin) is a fantasy series by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski that was mostly written in the 1990s. It is set in a European-inspired continent riven between constantly feuding kingdoms, ruled behind the scenes by a cabal of mages, while monsters from Indo-European folklore reive on the hapless, mudfooted peasants. A class of specially-trained mutants were created to hunt down these monsters; these “witchers” now roam the kingdoms, taking coin for their services. The story follows the adventures of one such witcher, Geralt of Rivia.


No exaggeration, but The Witcher is probably Poland’s most successful cultural export since the end of Communism. Although the books sold well throughout East-Central Europe, what really put it on the map was the series of eponymous video games created by Polish studio CD Projekt Red. Their phenomenal success (e.g., The Witcher 3 has a 9.4/10 user rating on Metacritic) has propelled CD Projekt Red into the ranks of global leaders in their field. Their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the single most awaited PC game in 2020.

The Witcher became such a popular phenomenon that Netflix produced a series about it, with the first season coming out last December, and a second season planned for this year.


Several days ago, I binge watched the eight episodes of the first series (naturally, not through Netflix).

Pros: Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) was perfectly cast, and his part of the story is up to par. In fairness, I think quality did increase with each new episode, though perhaps it me getting acculturated to its slapstick format. Although I have yet to seriously play any of the Witcher games, a friend who did tells me that the things they did right are much more easily appreciated if you have previous knowledge of the Witcher universe.


Fringilla Vigo, the main antagonist by the end of the season.

Cons: Weak dialogue, with many cringe moments. But what really killed of all immersion was the gratuitous blacking.

The demographics of the Witcher world, as interpreted by Netflix’s writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, resembled that of the United States in 1950. Not the US today, because 90% white/10% Black. As with #OscarsSoWhite, the diversification imperative doesn’t extend to Asians.


We wuz dark mages.


So why am I writing about this particular bit of pop trivia?

To start off with, let me just note that in Poland right now, about every fifth billboard and monitor – no exaggeration! – is advertising the Netflix Witcher.


It’s on the streets…


… in the Warsaw metro …


… even visible from the top of the Palace of Culture and Science (the Stalinist skyscraper in Warsaw).


Some canvassers even handed us Witcher necklaces while we were walking about in Krakow.


As you can see, Netflix is evidently making a major push into the Polish market, and it is using The Witcher as its icebreaker.

But it is not just a capitalist process, but a social process. The multicultural realities of the present-day West are being projected into the past, because if the past can be made to be multicultural as well, then the diverse present and ever more diverse future can be portrayed as the world-historical norm. The BBC now uses British taxpayer funds to tell us fascinating and hitherto unknown facts about the vibrancy of Roman-era Britain. And they are gradually spreading their geographic scope, with Czech studio Warhorse Studios coming under SJW pressure for not including any Negroes in 15th century Bohemia. Their chief developer sent them packing.


But will this remain true for the new generations that grow up watching blackwashed Witchers and the other cultural products that come part and parcel with American soft power hegemony?

As I have observed on several occasions, Poland seems to be the most ripe of any of the V4 countries – if not all of the former Soviet bloc – for going into multiculturalism mode. It is the weak link in the chain. And some significant percentage of the four billion Sub-Saharan Africans projected for 2100 will be migrating somewhere; the Mediterranean Sea is much narrower than the Atlantic, or the Indian Ocean. It almost seems as if there is a kind of world-historical logic to a blacked Witcher.


Despite the good things I hear about the series, the 'Blackening' of European myth is something I just can't get over. This is very insidious, and I don't want to give them any money.


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Cyberpunk 2077 has been put back to September 17th 2020 for more polishing. The next gen of Nvidia cards come out in the summer so I'm not too fussed about the delay.


I wasn't planning on touching it until Christmas anyways. I've got too much shit going on the rest of the year.

My irritation is that if it had come out in March it would've been cheap by Christmas.


Seeing modern video games getting pozzed by women, minorities, deviants, soybois and (((them))) with their diversity BS is drawing more and more gamers towards old school games such as Diablo 2, FF VII and Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo games.

Those are the facts!


That is certainly a contributing factor, although I believe that the general low quality of modern single player games is the most significant reason. I would also guess that the percentage of retro gamers who have not experienced those games when they were fresh is still low but it is rising for sure.


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la bodhisattva said:
d said:

The HEMA circles on youtube are enraged by some journalist criticizing the female empowerment in the witcher series. Here's a video from a guy I generally respect and who knows what he's talking about more often than not, yet it's obvious that he has a horse in this race and isn't fully objective (probably because his wife is in the sport as well). Obviously the whole debacle devolves into traditional men vs. women dick-measuring contest, because some people just can't accept that women aren't built for fighting, and people putting "warrior women" in media definitely try to push and reinforce their opinions - and suddenly everyone who disagrees is insulted.

Here's the question I'd like to pose these morons. Why does Henry Cavill, Chris Pratt/Hemsworth/Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, the cast of 300, and every other actor in an action movie go through months of intensive physical training?

Chris Pratt was an athletic guy who got chubby for the laughs on Parks and Rec. Hemsworth and Evans were both lean athletic guys prior to their iconic roles. Why did all these guys transform their physiques into near-impossible states? Because tubby Chris Pratt and skinny Chris Hemsworth would make what their superhero characters do look absurd. Skinny Thor swinging that hammer would overwhelm the internet with snarky, bitchy commentary. Why must we require our actors to reach peak physical condition because the public won't accept a chubby space cowboy (Pratt) but threatens to "cancel culture" anyone who laughs at the 110 lb woman beating up 6 special forces members? It's the equivalent of casting 15-year-old boys as badasses.

12 year old boys. Most adult women don't possess the physical power of healthy 15 year old boys.

Leonard D Neubache

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As demonstrated aptly in this instance and in other places around the world when the organizers of these events were foolhardy enough to put such showdowns together.


Keep little gems like this aside to wash out progressive idiots. Losses in team sports are particularly crushing because the outcome can't be blamed on bad luck or a singular participant having a bad day.

p.s. that's not even the u15 boys national team (if such a thing exists).

It's a regional team.


Hi everyone, I'm a little late to this thread, which is very long. Here is my two cents on video games. I recall an esteemed academic revealed that a new release of "Call of Duty" eclipsed the most successful hollywood blockbuster by a huge margin. I don't recall the stats, but it went something like this. Hollywood blockbuster makes, like $250mm in opening weekend. (I'm making these numbers up). A game like "Call of Duty", on the other hand, makes like $500mm within the first few hours of its release.

The academic concluded that the kids, namely the boys, were not watching movies or tv anymore so much, rather, they had found another superior form of entertainment. Video games, as you all know, could be described as a substitute product to conventional movies. You see, it is a movie, given all the advances in graphics, but, the viewer is in the movie. Matter of fact, the viewer is the hero. From an academic perspective its quite easy to see why video game is better than movie and, moreover, this new paradigm is here to stay.

Why does this matter? What's the significance? It wasn't too long after I heard this academic discuss this "revelation" that Gamergate came about. I suspect that he along with his tenured and out of touch professorial colleagues, which are, oh by the way, the very same people who are socially engineering us and are the fountainhead of liberal progressivism (ahem communism), realized that this is where all the eyeballs are. And if this is where not only all the eyeballs are but the youth and, moreover, the young men, then it had to be infiltrated at once!

To summarize: they realized that this medium was over taking conventional media and it was and is conventional media, tv movies and music, that "they" use to push their vile propaganda and social engineering. If something like $500mm is made in a few hours after COD is released then this is where the audience truly is and they must control it. Even more important that this is where the young and impressionable boys are. At the same time, we were hearing from the grass roots that much of the appeal of video games for boys was due to it being the only place to exert masculine values. Its where boys can be boys. The "engineers" know that if you let people live on their own terms certain things, like boys being boys, manifest. They manifest because they are natural and therefore they are true and right. After all, it is the most genuine of a person's true expression. The engineers can not have that. They're trying to make all people exactly equal. Note: I find it beyond repugnant that a professor from yale, which remains one of the most discriminatory institutions in the entire world and proof that equality between people does not exist, insists with such gusto that equality must be achieved. That is why you see women and all the other "aggrieved" minorities in games today.

Keep resisting. Gamergate was a success.
Yeah, tell that to fencesitters, people who "just want to play games", which are the silent majority. Most don't care about subversive themes or outright deny their existence. Gamergate is a vocal minority, especially that in the popular circles this term is associated with "harassment" due to propaganda from the usual suspects, so no matter the reasons nobody wants to be publicly associated with the movement. The driving force of the market are AAA titles, and that's where the money are. Gamergate supporters rarely buy these most popular and widely marketed games, and prefer more niche or "indie" games.
I doubt that this phenomenon will go away any time soon. The virtual reality technology is still developing and rapidly gains popularity, and I think it will be crucial. Frankly, it makes me uneasy. I think that in the next decade we will see the popularization of VR and addiction rates will skyrocket. 3D porn will be in an enormous demand. For many gamers pornography is an unalienable right and they will fight for it, no matter if it is threatened from legislatory or moralistic side.


PharaohRa said:
Seeing modern video games getting pozzed by women, minorities, deviants, soybois and (((them))) with their diversity BS is drawing more and more gamers towards old school games such as Diablo 2, FF VII and Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo games.

Those are the facts!

I completely agree. I find the old games much funner. Pokemon Red was the shit.
Nothing on my immediate want-to-play list but I'm considering The Division 2 because I heard they fixed some of the things I didn't like about the first game. Anyone played it or recommend it?
Ended up getting The Division 2 and it's by far the worst game I can remember having played. Downloaded Salt and Sanctuary instead on some friends' recommendations and it's a thousand times more fun.


Just realize my whole taste in-game came from me being a horn dog in high school. I remember looking up "game with nudity" and came across assassins creed, Mass effect, The Witcher 2. I remember learning about Metro 2033 because the "boobs" were the best, Playing dishonored because they had a scene with a girl in a tub. Heavy rain for the shower scene, Watchdogs because you could spy on naked girls, Sleeping dogs because you could do the same, WOW looking back on it I was horrible.

But Through all that I had so many Great experiences with games. Without that I would be stuck with the typical COD, Fornite, 2k, and madden.


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If you've ever wanted to get into Europa Universalis IV, now's your chance. The game and all DLCs are on Humble Bundle for $17 for 10 more days. Considering that even on sale this would usually cost you $100+, it's a dang good deal.

One of my personal favorite games of all time, with an absurd amount of hours played over the past 3 or 4 years. In the middle of a Serbia run on Hard right now, where I just absolutely bitch slapped the Ottomans after like 150 years of waiting for the right moment (excluding the much earlier war for Tsarigrad), and I also have personal unions with France and Prussia, with a massive Galicia-Volhynia vassal, as well as Russia, Spain, and the Timurids as allies. Serbian diplomacy is unmatched.

Oh yeah, and I also took Rome and converted it to Orthodox :angel: Sorry Catholics, but the Pentarchy must be restored. And kebab removed, of course -- but that goes without saying.