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Just completed Neuro, an interesting Russian sci-fi shooter that came out 11 years ago. I downloaded the Russian version and a fan-made English subtitle patch, but I found out recently that it was released in Taiwan in English and hope to get a copy of that version soon.
I'm currently working through the English version. At a later date, I'm gonna replay it in the original, without the English patch.
I dont play the zombie modes on Call of Duty anymore. However this trailer makes it seem like its a lot of fun.... trailers be like that sometimes.... trailer also lie sometimes
im considering getting this game for zombies alone since its the only COD related thing I like anymore. The mod community also makes some pretty sick maps.
Speaking of mods, there is one for Civilization that has the Dominion of the Draka versus the Western Alliance, inspired by the classic alternate history series by S.M. Stirling. I have yet to play it. The Draka are basically modern-day Spartans, who practice slavery on a massive scale. And then for W40K: Soulstorm, there is a supermod that includes Battle Titans that dwarf any other unit on the map! It almost appears comical.
The Onion pokes fun of the console wars! Lol

Console Wars: Sony Undercuts Xbox’s $500 Price By Printing Counterfeit Bills To Cause Hyperinflation And Make The American Dollar Worthless

Nation's Old Fogies Recall The Good Old Days When A Next-Gen Game System Meant A Noticeable Difference In Graphics




I’d tend to disagree. I think the height of gaming as a storytelling medium ran from 96-ish to 2001 or so with the best items on PC.

You had some absolute gold games coming out with a relatively strong red pill streak. This is the era that produced Deus Ex, Thief, Age of Empires, Half Life, Ultimate, Metal Gear, Command and Conquer, Mechwarrior, and so on. A lot of these games had relatively sophisticated story elements and were obviously written by well educated and read people.


“Not retarded” was what gave is the Xbox 360 era. Games like Deus Ex were doing things like leaving excerpts of GK Chesterton around the game world.