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Anyone try RE Village? It's something else. Took me a while to warm up to it but it's like nothing else I've ever played before.

As a long time Resident Evil fan I hated it. It has nothing to do with Resident Evil


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It's a neat concept but I've heard that the GPU is comparable to a GTX 660... pretty weak for having such a solid CPU.
According to info so far, the overall graphics processing power is equivalent to a PS4, but with much faster load times. However scaled down it might be, it's on RDNA 2 architecture which means it supports advanced features that a GTX 660 can't even do. That makes it considerably more powerful than a Switch, which is what it's designed to compete with. The majority of people in that market will be fine with the level of performance. For power users that are willing to sacrifice some portability, there's always gaming laptops, and Valve is not trying to compete with that segment.
It's a neat concept but I've heard that the GPU is comparable to a GTX 660... pretty weak for having such a solid CPU. If I ever picked this up, I would probably end up using it as a portable emulation machine or for running newer, simpler 2D games. The battery life is also very questionable compared to a laptop, but this could be good for people who ride a bus to work.
That's my question too, is how it would handle a graphics of a newer game. Even something like Baldur's gate 3 which isn't super fancy.


How so? Besides 1-3, pretty much every game had standalone stories that were only vaguely connected to each other. This one even explored a bit of Spencers past before founding Umbrella which was neat.
In first place, you are wrong. The only numbered game in the series that is vaguely connected to the overall lore is Resident Evil 4. All the other games, including RE6, have major connections. Though I will admit the connections are not strong enough. They are not direct sequels though, if that's what you mean, but I never claimed such a thing anyway.
I come from a place of the identity of the series and what makes it appealing.
As early as the pre-release of RE7, if anyone was to mention that RE would feature werewolves and vampires, anyone would call it absurd. Yet, normies quick got into RE8 because
1) the "don't think, just consume and get excited for the next product" mentality. They have poor standards or no standards at all
2) To them "Resident Evil" is just a title and it doesn't carry any identity aside of having cheese horror. They have no vision of what the series should be based on its foundational ideas, and therefore will accept any change if it can be remotely tied up to the title "Resident Evil". That's why warewolves and vampires to them are fine, because all you have to do is say they were created by a virus.
Next game they might have ghosts, orcs, angels and demons and you accept it as long as they convey it as some form of virus.

Resident Evil is in a bastardized state in which it has become a mockery of itself.

- The result is that with every new entry a new virus is created, new villains appear out of nowhere and someone retcons them withim the lore out of convenience, instead of using the many unused names related to Umbrella in the classic games.
Instead of builting up a villain progressively, from game to game, like they did with Wesker, each new game introduces a new one, one more absurd than the other, and the issue with that villain is settled right there. This is bad because it means the plot will always feel rushed, shallow and more disconnected from the rest of the series than it should be. The peak of that was in RE6, but RE7 and 8 did not undo the trend at all, it just alliviated it a bit.

- Likewise with protagonists, instead of builting the classic protagonists with each game, giving them flaws, emotions, interestes and a personal life like builting a family, they treat these characters as brands to be plastered in the game covers, while simultaneously segregating them into background positions because of their status of brands. The way Capcom treats Leon, Claire, Jill and Chris is similar to how Nintendo treats Mario. You will never see a game in which Mario actually saves and marries Peach because that would set a permanent expection for upcoming games, and as such Mario will exist in a limbo in which his identity never changes, it just repeats over and over.
This works with Mario, and arguably even Link and Zelda, because they are childsh cartoon characters.
The same shouldn't be said about RE characters, a franchise for mature audiences.
This created a situation were these classic characters that everyone loves cannot be used anymore because they now have superhuman abilities and cannot be killed, cannot marry or have kids, or retire; they can't even age. Their aging is barely reflected on their appearance, and never reflect in their abilities. They will die alone and childless, while not having really accomplished much since the threat of bioterrorism only seems to grow bigger and weirder with every new entry.
In other words, they cannot receive any form of meaninggful character development to make them appear human, and the series as whole can never settle for a consistent aesthetical and thematic vision to have a compelling world building.
And the result of all of that is that the series can't have neither consistent protagonists or villains.
Which will probably mean new protagonists like Ethan will be created from now one to fill the void.

This by itself is not a bad thing but, nonetheless, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of fans of the classic characters when they are treated like this, and receive no character development while a new characters receives it. It feels unfair and inefficient, which is to it is not the ideal solution which is why it's hard to accept.

Now, as for gameplay:
- Arguably, the RE4 over the shoulder perspective could be called a natural evolution of the classic static camera and tank controls, which is a fair argument to defend it, but a first person perspective has nothing to do with Resident Evil and the justificative behind it (increase in immersion) is very shallow. RE7 and 8 both fail to be more immersive than games like Silent Hill 2, RE Remake 1 or even RE Remake 2, games that are in third person.
For a survival horror, supposed increase in immersion is literally the only benefit of a first person perspective. However, immersion has much more to do with a combination of aesthetics, plot and soundtrack than anything related to camera perspective, and as such no first person camera is necessary to achieve this.

To me the only trully good thing RE8 did was Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. At least Capcom is now appealing to their own costumers when it comes to character design instead of censoring themselves to appease SJWs that hate femininity and don't even play games.
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Playing video games is actual sin

Maybe, but everything in balance eh. If your playing 8 plus hour a day then its absolutely a sin. I will maintain until the end of my days though, that as far as all the entertainment mediums go, music, movies, TV, modern novels, sports etc.. Gaming is the least sinful as it doesn't promote globohomo degeneracy as often or as starkly. It's the last right wing medium if that makes any sense... globohomo has been seeping into the medium in the last few years, but it had a good run. Music was compromise decades ago, movies since the late 90s, sports watching in general has been a bigger waste of westerners time than any single media form since WW2.

Ultimately gamers were the initiators of the new right in this past decade. Gamergate was a catalyst that lead to a right wing awakening of memes, Trump, the alt right and hopefully a return to traditionalism. While "Christians" have been useless in the all important political fights since WW2, the gamers fought a propaganda war from their basements, created a new generation of conservatives, new frontmen and arguably got a president elected. They are also probably one of the largest block of "conservatives" in the west.


It's also worth pointing out that games are the easiest entertainment media to break into right now. You could try making a movie, but good luck getting the movie theaters to run your movie or the major streaming services to host your movie. You could try starting a band, but again you need a lot of connections there.

Whereas with games, all you need to do to sell your game is send it to Steam, Epic, GoG, etc. and they'll gladly host it without asking too many questions. You can pretty much instantly get a customer base that way, although of course a kickstarter or something like that generally works up the hype enough to get you some decent first day buy-in.

The point is, games are the least gatekept medium right now, by very, very far. That is why games have managed to hold off against the globohomo poison for so long: anybody can make a game and sell it without having to sell their souls (and anus, but I repeat myself) to Satan.


Anyone try RE Village? It's something else. Took me a while to warm up to it but it's like nothing else I've ever played before.


RE8 was a great experience last month when I played it, but it doesn't crack the top 3 masterclass RE titles, RE4, REmake and RE2 original. Id slot it into the tier below with RE7 and RE2make, so its excellent but not in the masterpiece tier. It's level design, encounter design, and pacing are not in same class as 4, remake and RE2.

I have high hopes for RE4 remake and RE9 though. Capcom after the drought years from 2006 to 2017 has finally figure out how to make proper RE games again. I am actually expecting remasters of the original 3 fixed camera games sometime this decade as well.


Mostly yes.
Wasting time is sinful and most if not all video games have demonic imagery and messages.

Resident Evil series was mentioned above. Not really a subtle title is it?
Playing such games and not getting disgusted and repulsed is something you should be uneasy about.
The idea is that you are battling and overcoming the disgusting and repulsing imagery.