Video Of The Russian's Building Their Cathedral


They put this up, while statues of our heroes come down and BLM 'murals' are painted on our streets.
Who do you think is going to last longer?
America is incapable of creating beauty now. I'm not as historically literate as I should be but I wonder if late stage empires people are more familiar with were also unable to build monuments, cathedrals/temples, and art in their final years.
I think the (((commies))) destroyed about 35,000 churches in the Soviet Union IIRC.
Yes, including historic medieval cathedrals and murdered hundreds of thousands of priests and nuns in cold blood, and destroyed untold amounts of Christian art and literature. There was a similar pattern with communists in Spain during the Spanish Civil war. What do you think they had in common?:)
America is incapable of creating beauty now.

Oh, we're capable. And we still do, from time to time. On a trip to Baton Rouge last year, I visited a Roman Catholic parish that had previously been the second-ugliest church building I've set foot in; spirit of Vatican II architecture with the altar off to the side, a bizarre pew layout, mostly iconoclastic with the crucifix tucked away in a corner. But they tore it down and built an enormous, cross shaped church in the traditional Western style, with stained glass windows and a real, adult-sized baptismal font. Right near the interstate where all can see.

It's true that there's been a lot of ugly buildings made, but some people are waking up.