Violent racist terror group BLM strikes Down Under


Australian teen girl brutally beaten by Black Lives activists in Melbourne CBD

A young Australian teen was brutally beaten and hospitalised at train station in Melbourne CBD by 8 Black Lives Matter activists.

A young defenceless Australian teen girl was approached by a group of young violent adults claiming to be Black Lives Matter activist and brutally beaten in Melbourne CBD. The whole ordeal was filmed and shared on Facebook group that glorified violent against white people.

Angie King, a friend of the victim’s mother, was shocked when she saw the footage of young Mik being brutally beaten in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Mik, the young victim, was sitting and waiting for her train home when she was approached by several Sudanese people; two of which she claims to know.

The video, although short, shows Mik sitting down on a bench with a drink in her hand waiting for her bus. She is approached by 8 African Australians who were there reportedly participating in the for the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne that day. Two of the activists begin to punch the girl in the jaw and back of the head while the person filming also taunts her.

After the video cuts Mik was thrown to the ground and stomped by several people before they retreated. An ambulance was called and she was taken straight to hospital.

The brutal attack left the young Australian teen girl with several broken ribs and a fractured cheek bone. A friend described her entire body being ‘black and blue’ after the assault.

Angie King shared the shocking video of the brutal attack of the young Australian teen that occurred in the Melbourne CBD and an image of the aftermath on Facebook but it was removed for violating their Community Guidelines.

The video (shocking) is being shared like crazy around social media at the moment. I've seen it, it's pretty bad.

I assume they know each other through school, not necessarily friends. Hopefully this means they can find the attackers.

Here in Melbourne, at the direction of our corrupt government and justice system, criminals like this are regularly let off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Even when a African teenager/young man kicked a policeman in the head full force (whilst he was on the ground like it was a soccer ball). He got community service which I'm sure he didn't attend.
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Also on the same BLM weekend in Melbourne (just passed)... 16 year old teenager stabbed to death. The left wing 'The Age' and ABC (tax payer funded left wing news, think BBC in UK) does not mention race.

Left wing globalist press:

Sky News ('right wing' Murdoch press):

You know, I wonder, how often would the ones who get stabbed are actually be the 'good ones'? I mean the ones that do actually keep their nose clean and try to do the right thing in a new country. I see in many cases it's thug vs thug but I'm sure some 'nicer' ones get caught up. The media always tries to paint them out as angels ('he was a church going boy, not in a gang') but they would say that about all of them including the obvious thugs.

EDIT: Looks like it was a lone Pacific Island boy set upon by a group of armed Africans (Somalian/Sudanese no doubt). Two policemen were injured as well.

FYI there is a gang war between these two ethnic groups here in Melbourne. There was a HUGE 250 person race brawl in Collingwood not that long ago where one guys leg was amputated -
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Yet the Aus. media is quick to have a conniption fit when a foolish girl is assaulted by a deranged homeless guy at 2am in a dark park.

Or the fake news crowd are quick to froth at the mouth with REEEsteria, in regards to a rise in domestic abuse during the China virus quarantine measures.
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Yet the Aus. media is quick to have a conniption fit when a foolish girls is assaulted by a deranged homeless guy at 2am in a dark park.
I believe this guy had autism, was mentally retarded or similar.

Still not an excuse but is usually used to lessen the problem when it's an Islamic jihadi attack or similar.

king bast

My kids and I have had a little inside joke for a few years now - when we would playfight they'd shriek "I cant breathe! I can't breathe!" to try to get out of a bad position, while laughing hysterically, because we all knew that if they couldnt breathe, they couldnt talk. Well that catchphrase has taken on a bit more meaning now, and its pretty damning that my single-digit aged children understand the flaws in the narrative better than all these supposedly educated leftists and "experts".

They're getting red-pilled a lot earlier than I would have liked, first with corona and now this BLM crap. Its pretty annoying that they have to "hide their power level" before theyve even made it to high school.
Reddit thread about this incident reveals that Reddit is likely massively manipulating the votes to show far greater support for the BLM lunacy than actually exists:

I for one have had it with violent blacks.

If I was there, I would not care if I risked my life, that would be it. I would take as many of those monsters down as I could.

Tex Cruise

I happened to stumble upon this bizarrely relevant painting today, with all the BLM business reaching Australia.

It's called "Aboriginal Land Rights" by world renowned Australian artist Pro Hart (1928-2006). I can't find when it's from, probably the 80's or 90's.

You'll notice the black faces in the foreground, and the Aboriginal flag over Australia, while in the background, masked figures wearing illuminati symbols play communist cards.

Hart was once quoted as saying "I put masks on all the people I sent up, so I don’t get into trouble. So they can’t sue me"

Many in the "arts" community viewed Hart as a "Right-Wing conspiracy thorist"

Leonard D Neubache

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I would like to know if there are any Left wing conspiracy theorists. They used to be the ones claiming that a moneyed oligarchy was oppressing the proletariat from the shadows.

Now it seems like every conspiracy is apparently Right wing, from the oligarchy to the moon landing to fluoride in the water to chemtrails and everything else you care to mention. The political spectrum apparently runs on a fiscal Left/Right equation but these days when it comes to conspiracy theories the Left/Right divide is entirely DeepStateNarrative/Non.


Yeah, at this point anything anti-globalist is de facto "right-wing extremist conspiracy theory". It's sad. There are some leftists out there who fall in that group, but they are immediately pilloried by their "allies" on the left as some Nazi. This is circular logic, of course "See, a Nazi like Aimee Therese is against the financial capital money power, something only Nazis are against". The problem is the left is so socially sensitive. We are all social creatures, it's an evolutionary adaptation that brought us to the top of the food chain, but leftists are conformists extrodinaires, so any amount of social shaming they get for stepping anywhere outside the approved party platform really does a number on them. Makes it very easy for elites to continue their domination - anything they don't like is raycissss and being raycissss is the single worst thing you can be in currentyear. What I want to know is how many of them are true believers, versus how many are just scared and silenced. Leftist friends I have I'm able to crack here and there, when we're talking in private. They give up the ghost a little bit at least, "yeah, that's a bit extreme" re: transkids or something like that. But they wouldn't dare speak that out loud.


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tHiS is NoT aBOut RaCe
It is about race on the surface, but there is a deeper context to all this that people need to understand in order to be able to counter it effectively.

We're in the middle stages of an anarcho-tyranny where the deep state/government selectively enforces brutal censorship and repression on their target group, the heritage rebel population, while simultaneously enabling and encouraging unlawful and violent behavior from their golem import population in order to control the former group. The ultimate goal is to pit the two groups against each other, and to keep native Europeans on an emotional level, and the brown migrants or minorites in the parasitic victimization culture plantation.

In France much has been made about the recent clashes between the Chechen gangs and the Arabs, but French dissident comedian Dieudonné noted that the real picture invovled Chechens taking on the CRS (French statetroopers), where they ate their lunch and scared them away. Those same troopers were dragging protesting nurses by their hair last week, and gouging Gilets Jaunes eyes last year, it was the first time were a group physically intimidated the CRS.

The nurses and medical staff had protested against their work conditions and austerity, and got roughed up and thrashed like rag dolls by the CRS. Most of these people are center-left and economically better off than the average Gilet Jaune, they've watched the trooper crack GJ skulls all last year with indifference, and sometimes even with some glee because many of these AWFLs saw the GJ as right wing extremists, as opposed to fighters for their nation. Now that worm is turning...

Dieudonné noted that the (((media))) were clamoring for a civil war, agitating on the local Fox/neocon outlets, actually heloing execute the deep state divide and conquer, order from chaos plans.

(CC/autotranslate available)

Dieudonné is a kind of French Owen Benjamin, but with a much larger reach, his mother is from Brittany and father from Cameroun, but he's a Catholic patriot who seeks to unite natives and minorities under the national banner against the deep state and the tribal stranglehold on society, effectively turning the golem against its (((creators))). This dangerous proposition has made him public enemy number one, along with Alain Soral, while those from the (((right wing))) that are agitating for a civil war are promoted on TV 24/7.
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Reddit thread about this incident reveals that Reddit is likely massively manipulating the votes to show far greater support for the BLM lunacy than actually exists:

I for one have had it with violent blacks.

If I was there, I would not care if I risked my life, that would be it. I would take as many of those monsters down as I could.
No manipulation; reddit is worse than twitter now, don't fucking go there, it's pretty much all white knight simps and pseudo-moralistic virtue signalling millenial faggots.
911, I'm sorry, but my analysis through years of Youtube videos, is that africans tend to lack empatht, which leads to increased propensity for sadism.

Whatever else you write is true, but I have no desire to sugarcoat it any longer. We are definitely not equal in what we consider unacceptable violence.