Violent racist terror group BLM strikes Down Under


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I'm not sugarcoating the violence Nomad, I'm actually a big fan of Colin Flaherty's work. I know that the violence is rampant in Black America today, as is the anti-white racism. I just think that the frame of reference of many racialists is too narrow, there is a kind of attribution bias at work here , which manifests itself in the tendency to ascribe this feral behavior to racial factors rather than to modern culture.

This tendency is rooted in a misunderstanding of the nature and depth of the social changes applied on communities like the Black Americans since the 1960s. Things as they are today in the Black American community aren't anywhere close to what they used to be 50-60 years ago, when their society was far healthier.

You went from this:

Black college, 1900

1941 Chicago HS

1930s HS

^ Harlem, 1940s v

... to this:

Most of these 1940s-50s Harlem dwellers would be completely horrified at the state of the Black America if they were alive today.

I've covered this in more depth here: