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There is a striking resemblance.
Sharing this one because it highlights an important point: the “Jewish Civil War” that some of our former Forum members commented on. Zelensky isn’t aligned with Trump’s Zionist clique. He’s alighted with Soros/Schwab, did not marry Jewish, and did not even have his own children brought up as Jewish.

Sharing this one because it highlights an important point: the “Jewish Civil War” that some of our former Forum members commented on. Zelensky isn’t aligned with Trump’s Zionist clique. He’s alighted with Soros/Schwab, did not marry Jewish, and did not even have his own children brought up as Jewish.

This is a false dichotomy. It's fully possible to be devoutly traditionalist Jewish and support Nazis. In fact, that sort of disgusting hypocrisy is their bread and butter.
They chose to leave, I haven't seen any indication of Ukrainians being treated poorly in occupied territories, and in fact they're being given tax breaks and aid from what I've seen. The places Ukrainians are treated the worst are behind the Ukrainian lines as they're used essentially as hostages. Be serious, we all know that's the reason Russia hasn't already taken over all of Ukraine. They could steamroll it but they want to spare the civilians. It makes just as much or more sense to flee into Russian territory if you're a Ukrainian than into a Western nation.
None of what you said is true.
This is specifically about the Nazi factions in the Zelensky government.

Here is Jacobin, a prominent and principled leftist mag, criticizing the Ukranian government in *January* of this year!

The CIA has been secretly training anti-Russian groups in Ukraine since 2015. Everything we know points to the likelihood that includes neo-Nazis inspiring far-right terrorists across the world.

there’s a good chance that the CIA is training actual, literal Nazis as part of this effort.

the text of the [Ukrainian aid] bill passed in the middle of that year featured an amendment explicitly barring “arms, training, and other assistance” to Azov, but the House committee in charge of the bill was pressured by the Pentagon months later to remove the language
Yeah, take out that part prohibiting us from aiding Nazis because we're going to do that.
its former commander once said the “historic mission” of Ukraine is to “lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival” in “a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen”

A 2018 FBI affidavit asserted that Azov “is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing United States–based white supremacy organizations,” including members of the white supremacist Rise Above Movement, prosecuted for planned assaults on counterprotesters at far-right events, including the Charlottesville “Unite the Right”

Really, really weird to see the US allying with this group abroad, while locking up Jan 6-ers (whose beliefs are FAR more milquetoast) at home.

perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque massacre...clearly took inspiration from the far-right movement there, and wore a symbol used by Azov members while carrying out the attack

the United States was one of just two countries (the other being Ukraine) to vote against a UN draft resolution “combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism.” Both countries have consistently voted against this resolution every single year since 2014

OMG, I love the US now!

Seriously, does no one stop and ask "Why do you defend the practice of Nazism in one place and in another lock people up for thought crimes and prosecute them for saying "It's OK to be white" ?

Zelensky Says His Goal is to Turn Ukraine Into a 'Greater Israel'​

This is a pretty dark agenda, here is the original statement by Zelensky's puppeteer, Arestovich, although I suspect there are higher levels yet above him who came up with the plan. with Kolmoisky being the main local cog:

In order to create a new Khazaria in Ukraine, there needs to be a very long and devastating war that will clear many of the 40 million goyims living there, and reduce society to tatters, with locals famished, impoverished and undereducated, and Ukraine partitioned into smaller warring states, kind of like how Israel turned Syria into a wasteland. Land and locals alike could then be bought for pennies on the dollar.

This is exactly what Arestovich is working towards, this helps explain their irrational approach to negotiations, where they could have gotten out with all of Ukraine had they only recognized Crimea as Russian and the two Donbass provinces given some cultural autonomy. Instead they chose to lose nearly 1/3 of the country in a bloody war, which they hope will last decades...

The Greater Israel plan hinged on the destruction and partition of Syria to pave the way for settlements and a buffer zone, which will itself be settled in a generation or two. That seems to be the same vision for Ukraine. Of course Russia scuttled that original Greater Israel plan. Note that Putin also rebuffed Israel's plan to take over the St Alexander Nevsky Church in Jerusalem, which has been Russian property since 1858:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a letter to the Israeli government requesting that it transfer control of a historic church in Jerusalem to Russian custody.

The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky was the subject of a letter recently sent by Putin to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

The church property, also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, is located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City and was once controlled by Tsarist Russia.

Israel is said to be “handling the matter,” according to unnamed sources referenced by Haaretz. However, the sources did not provide further elaboration.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier this week told the media that the church transfer is a major priority in the current diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel.

“The topic of Alexander’s Courtyard has long been at the top of the agenda of Russian-Israeli relations,” stated Peskov, as reported by The Times of Israel. “We expect the Israeli leadership to assist us in order to complete the process as is necessary.”

According to Jewish law, all churches in the Holy Land should be destroyed.
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