Voter Fraud Evidence Thread

“We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations.

Can anyone explain how analyzing a database of voters can lead to knowing how many votes were cast by non-citizens? Wouldn't you need to make a lot of assumptions? Specifically what percentage of dead people still on the registration rolls voted in the election?


Georgia Reveals Double-Voting Cases But No Evidence Of Malign Intentions

"There is voting fraud, but it's fine because they didn't really mean it" --- is what the headline says.

They are already planting the seeds of stealing the election. Notice the double speak "not sure if they did intentionally", "knows exactly what they're doing".

THey're already admitting to errors and that the process will take a long time.


Georgia's top election official sounded the alarm Tuesday because he said 1,000 people voted twice in the state's elections so far this year — although when pressed, he acknowledged he didn't know whether any of them did so intentionally.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, made the announcement in a news conference on Tuesday. He said the thousand voters turned in absentee ballots and then voted in person in the state's June primary, but he provided few details apart from that.

He said Georgia is in the midst of attempting to find out more about the cases.

"Every double voter will be investigated thoroughly," Raffensperger said, threatening felony prosecutions. "A double voter knows exactly what they are doing."

It's unclear, however, that is actually the case. Raffensperger mentioned only one person his office knew of who deliberately went in person to a polling place for malign reasons after casting a ballot in the mail.

Making sure a vote gets counted

The number of voters in Georgia who used absentee ballots in the state's primary increased exponentially over previous years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. That included tens of thousands of people who had never before voted by mail.

Experts have said all year that increases in voting by mail that are expected as a result of the coronavirus disaster would contribute to more mistakes by voters.

"The way that [Raffensperger] is phrasing it makes it sound like [voters are] doing it maliciously," said Tammy Patrick, a former Arizona election official and now a senior adviser for Democracy Fund. "I think that what they will find in their investigation is that voters were trying to make sure they cast a ballot that counted."

Patrick recalled administering elections in Maricopa County, Ariz., where voters frequently mailed in ballots and then also showed up to vote in person. She often called them after the election to find out why.

I never once had somebody say that they were trying to vote twice or that they didn't think I checked," Patrick said. "What they said was, 'I know I had to have it back by the close of the polls on Election Day and I didn't get it in the mail until Friday, or I didn't get it in the mail until Saturday. And I was afraid it wasn't going to count.' "

The details in the Georgia situation weren't clear.

Raffensperger was pressed by reporters about how he knew the voters were intentionally trying to vote twice and not just making a mistake. Thousands of absentee ballots were rejected this year in Georgia, for instance, because they were received by election officials late.

"That's why we do investigations," Raffensperger said, while also mentioning a single instance of a Georgia voter who said he double-voted to "prove a flaw in the system."

Raffensperger added that the double votes did not sway any election results, and he promised that similar issues would not occur in November's general election.

The announcement followed an earlier flap over double voting sparked by President Trump, who encouraged supporters in North Carolina to vote twice to "test the system," then appeared to row back, then doubled down with more exhortations to follow a mail ballot with an in-person vote.

Trump has spent weeks sowing doubts about the coming election and focusing special criticism on voting by mail even though that's how the president himself casts his ballot.

Ballot regulations

In Georgia, voters who request an absentee ballot but want to vote in person instead must sign an affidavit stating they have not voted absentee by mail already. Workers at polling sites are supposed to call the county elections office to verify if someone's absentee ballot has already been received.

The secretary of state's office said even if someone votes twice, Georgia's voting system is designed to count only one vote from one person. Part of the state's investigation will determine if county officials properly followed that procedure or if some of the double votes were not caught.

As for why a state's chief election official would hold a news conference threatening felony prosecutions before completing any investigations — at a time when voters nationwide are confused by rapidly changing processes — Suffolk University political science professor Rachael Cobb said the logic was obvious.

"It sounds like another method of voter intimidation," Cobb said. "Who wants to put themselves in jeopardy of being prosecuted for voting? In a time when there is a lot of confusion about how to vote, where to vote, when to vote ... it is terrible to make this kind of blanket statement without providing any evidence whatsoever."

University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald also tweeted, "Everyone should be deeply skeptical of allegations that jump the gun without careful investigation first."

Official errors sometimes take place

Sometimes election offices also find that perceived double votes were the result of data entry errors.

Voter fraud in which someone maliciously tries to cast more than one ballot happens at an "infinitesimally small" rate, Cobb said.

Mistakes and confusion are more frequent, albeit still at low levels. There are many reasons a voter could return a mail ballot and then also try to vote in person: because they were scared it wouldn't arrive in time, they wanted to change who they voted for or they just forgot that they sent it in already.

If some of those votes were counted, Cobb said, that should be viewed as an administrative issue that needs to get fixed by the state of Georgia, not a voter conspiracy issue.

[This] is sowing doubt in our election system," she said. "And rather than taking the approach of 'Oh, my goodness, we have some things to get straightened up in our office before we go into the general election,' it was, 'OK, people, you're on notice.' "

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Raffensperger and the State Election Board have made a number of changes to voting in Georgia, including the addition of secure 24/7 drop boxes for absentee ballots, allowing earlier processing of absentee ballots and creating a new online absentee portal for voters to request their ballots.

So far, at least 900,000 of Georgia's 7.4 million voters have requested an absentee ballot for November.



Massachusetts 4th Congressional primary fallout: Franklin town clerk resigns
Thousands of ballots were discovered after the primary

A Massachusetts town clerk has resigned after officials in the 4th Congressional District community lost track of thousands of ballots in the primary earlier this month.

Franklin Town Clerk Teresa Burr on Friday stepped down to “re-establish confidence with the voters of this community in their elections,” she wrote in her resignation letter.

Two days after the Sept. 1 primary, thousands of uncounted ballots surfaced in Franklin as the 4th Congressional District remained too close to call. The newly discovered 3,000 uncounted ballots were mail-in votes that appeared to have never made it to polling locations on Election Day.

Poll workers ended up counting the 3,000 ballots late into the night two days after the primary. Jake Auchincloss eventually won the Democratic primary.

In Burr’s resignation letter, she noted that this election season has been “the most challenging election cycle in my career.”

“I want to assure every resident that my performance over the past few months for this election was not intentional, nor have I ever conspired to deprive any voter of their ability to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted as part of an election,” Burr wrote.

“Any oversights that I made during this election cycle are due to the many challenges this election has brought upon myself,” she added. “I believe it is in the best interest of the community to have a new leadership team in place.”

Officials in three 4th Congressional District communities — Franklin, Newton and Wellesley — two days after the primary restarted counting primary ballots following Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin filing a court order to authorize local poll workers to continue counting ballots that were received on time and had not been tallied by the end of primary night.

The chair of the Franklin Town Council thanked Burr for her “many successful years of dedicated service to the town.”

“I want to assure the voters of Franklin that our current Town Clerk office staff, in conjunction with assistance from the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s team, will conduct a flawless election in November and beyond,” Franklin Town Council Chair Thomas Mercer wrote.

“While the events of the past two weeks have certainly caused some concern in town, I am confident in the ability of the Town Clerk office staff, our election workers, and collective town staff to support them as they work tirelessly toward November,” he added.

Galvin is advising every voter who has not already submitted a Vote by Mail application to keep an eye on their mailbox in the coming days.

“We are not mailing applications to voters who have already applied, so there is no need to worry if you do not receive one in the mail this time,” Galvin said in a statement.


Pulled from another site:

Absentee Ballots - Use an existing process requiring a ballot to be requested and a voter signature to be on file to validate. More secure, but still susceptible to fraud when intercepted in the mail and altered or destroyed. At the mercy of USPS timely processing. If you can, drop it off at your polling place in person or with a trusted friend/family member if your state allows.

Mail in Ballots - NOT the same as absentee ballots. Do not have an existing proven system. Most states send ballots to any registered voter without signature validation of the returned ballot. In most states, voter rolls include years worth of dead voters and voters that have moved to another state or are otherwise ineligible to vote. Without signature validation, anyone could potentially intercept a ballot and vote.

Methodology: These are the top mail-in voting fraud stories posted by fellow pedes. The original .win link is included. The source and archive link are to the root story from as neutral (or even left) a source as I could find in order to reduce unrelated source biased REEEEEEEEing so that we may enjoy more cognitive dissonance related REEEEEEEing.

Please feel free to contribute corrections or more stories.

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Potential to Exploit
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Texas – Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown, Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward were arrested on charges in connection with an organized ballot harvesting scheme during the 2018 Democrat primary, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Thursday.

A $25,000 bond has been set for each person charged.

Elections officials became suspicious after Shannon Brown won the primary in March of 2018 by 5 votes after a recount.

An unusual number of mail-in ballots were cast in the 2018 primary race for precinct 4 commissioner in Gregg County.

TRENDING: This Is America? Young Mother TASED, CUFFED AND ARRESTED for Not Wearing Face-Mask at Mostly Empty Stadium to Watch HS Football Game

According to Gregg County Elections Administrator Kathryn Nealy, 231 out of the 800 mail-in ballots that swung the election, bore the signatures of the five same people who helped voters with their ballots. Furthermore, 1/3 of the voters claimed they had a disability in order to qualify for absentee or mail-in voting.

The vote harvesting scheme worked and Brown actually won!

Under Texas election law, mail-in ballots are strictly reserved for people over the age of 65 or for those who are physically ill and cannot vote in-person.

To increase the pool of ballots needed to swing the race in Brown’s favor, the group targeted young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were “disabled,” in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent. – Ken Paxton said.

In total, the state filed 134 felony charges against the four defendants, including engaging in organized election fraud, illegal voting, fraudulent use of an application for a mail-in ballot, unlawful possession of a mail-in ballot, tampering with a governmental record, and election fraud. Penalties for these offenses range from six months in state jail to 99 years in prison, Paxton’s office announced.

Here is the breakdown of charges via Longview News-Journal:

According to indictments in the case, Brown was charged with 23 felonies:

  • Engaging in organized election fraud
  • Seven counts of fraudulent use of mail ballot application enhanced
  • Two counts of unlawful possession of ballot/ballot envelope enhanced
  • Eight counts of election fraud enhanced
  • Five counts of tampering with a governmental record with intent to harm or defraud
Burns was charged with eight felonies:
  • Engaging in organized election fraud
  • Fraudulent use of application for ballot by mail
  • Five counts of possession of a ballot or carrier envelope enhanced
  • Tampering with a governmental record with intent to harm or defraud
Jackson was charged with 97 felonies:
  • Engaging in organized election fraud
  • Illegal voting
  • 31 counts of fraudulent use of mail ballot application enhanced
  • Seven counts of unlawful possession of ballot/ballot envelope enhanced
  • 31 counts of election fraud enhanced
  • 26 counts of tampering with a governmental record with intent to harm or defraud
Ward was charged with six felonies:
  • Engaging in organized election fraud
  • Unlawful possession of ballot/ballot envelope without request of voter enhanced
  • Four counts of unlawful possession of ballot/ballot envelope enhanced

This is the same ballot-harvesting scheme the Democrats will deploy in key battleground states in order to steal the election from Trump


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Dems 7 point plan to force Election Chaos:

  • Use the pandemic to push for a nation-wide vote-by-mail scheme.
  • Enlist all the messengers at your disposal (Hollywood, Corporate Media, Big Tech, Pro Sports) to push for vote-by-mail.
  • Get millions of questionable mail-in ballots into the system.
  • Send Democratic lawyers into key districts to fight for every challenged ballot. Use the courts and progressive election officials to keep the count going as long as possible with as little verification as possible.
  • Set expectations that the election will not be decided on November 3. Plan for mass protests in the streets. Scare people into believing that Trump won’t leave office (should he attempt to challenge the results).
  • Challenge the results in court with the help of election officials and district attorneys that George Soros has spent years getting elected.
  • Let Chief Justice John Roberts (or the new Justice?) pick the next president. Or let Nancy Pelosi do it





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Texas authorities arrested a Gregg County commissioner and three others, accusing them of conducting a voter fraud scheme during the 2018 Democratic primary.

Gregg County is in East Texas and includes the towns of Longview, Kilgore and Gladewater.

Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown was among those arrested and charged with a scheme to increase the pool of ballots “to swing the race in Brown’s favor,” a release from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “The group targeted young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were ‘disabled,’ in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent.”

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