Wall survivor thread


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Smoking hot girl in her young days, but more of an auburn-brown brunette than a true redhead, looks like she dies her hair in that shade of flaming red.
Dr. Howard said:
Geena Davis, 59...this bitch is almost 60! She must be part vampire to look this good. Also Mensa Member and olympic lever archer.


She is also married to a plastic surgeon which is her 4th husband.

Vampires got nothing on Beetlejuice


Hypno said:
Winnie from the Wonder Years, age 43. PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Her mother was a stay at home mom.

This MILF found the BEST way to hide the lines and wrinkles that women always tend to get on their neck after they reach a certain age.
That said...neck collars and a leash on females are good at any age, and should be mandatory if she is in your rotation.

However, she needs to get some long gloves to hide those lines & wrinkles on her wrist and arm in the 1st photo on the left.


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Hypno said:
Winnie from the Wonder Years, age 43. PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Her mother was a stay at home mom.


She never would have dressed like this when she was famous.

These actresses approach the wall and realize they don't have any flaunting years left so they need to get it done now.


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WTF happened to her face? She was really beautiful. I think they fuck it up with injections and operations, but they clearly don't end well.

WB (in the dark)

But don't want to be eskimo brothers with Shane Warne.


RatInTheWoods said:
WTF happened to her face?

Looks like bad makeup and a bad camera. She's fine when she's properly made up.

Funny thing is I am generally disgusted when women flaunt their bodies online but I kind of like it when older women do it because it feels like they earned the right to show off by virue of the hard work and discipline required not to go to pot.


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Labienus said:
Hypno said:
Liz Hurley 53


Great body but her face is messed up now.

LOL, I banged her ex-roommate back in 1999. Would have preferred Liz but she never swung by so I didn't get to take a swing at her. Plus the roommate kept me busy.

Liz today: WTF happened to her face?? I really shouldn't drop by this thread anymore, it's depressing. Happy to say that my gal aged a hell a lot better.
Was doing some research on Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade for another thread and I came the German blonde lady played by actress Allison Doody at age 50:


Wall survivor and how to do modest surgery right in my book. For a fair skinned blonde Irish chick (who typically age like shit), this is a amazing retention of looks regardless of medical intervention.

Her about 30 years ago: