Wall survivor thread


Ashley Williams, age 40. So far, so good.


edit - had to trim the size, holy shit


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I went back to page one and was surprised to see nobody posted Lynda Carter.

Yeah, she probably had work done, but still. Who wouldn't wanna bang Wonder Woman, even as she's approaching 70??

Checked back about 4 pages, didn’t see anything on Shari Headley, who played “Akeem”’s love interest in Coming to America. As they say, black don’t crack:


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Joan Collins who used to play the evil ex-wife homewrecker seductress character "Alexis Colby" in the evening prime time soap opera "Dynasty" in the 1980s.

These are all photos from 2018 apparently.
She is 85 years old in these photos.


Here she is back in the 1980s when she was already in her 50s:


And here's a comparison between her in the 1980s to the 2010s
30 year gap


No way in hell I'm gonna say "WB" to a 85 year old granny...but goddamn has she got good ageing genes.
Bitch has been laughing right in the face of the wall for over 40 years.


Abelard Lindsey

I remember the Playboy centerfold of Joan Collins in 1983 when she was 50 years old. Several guys I knew in college at the time had it pinned on the wall.

I think Donna Mills (Knots Landing) has aged fairly well too.


911 said:
Those are professionally retouched pics, with tons of makeup.

Yeah, but there is a difference between beautiful women with good genes who are looksmaxing vs. TRUE post-wall basket-cases where they are sort of devolving back into primordial goo.

Joan Collins still looks, at 85, like Joan Collins. That's all that's being said here, and it's an accomplishment.

Compare that to the mess that is Melanie Griffith at 61 or even some men out there like Michael Stipe (59) who looks like a schizophrenic vagrant who caught his nose in a fishhook.


Vladimir Poontang said:
She actually looks better older. Weird.

With a very tiny portion of females it can happen they look a bit better in their 30s/40s than when they were teens/early 20s.
It's very, very rare, but occasionally it does happen.


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Encarna Salazar from Spanish flamenco duo "Azucar Moreno" has been holding up even after a breast cancer, here is her on the 56th birthday in 2017.


Here with her two year younger sister Toni Salazar who is not holding that much...


Here is them in full splendor..



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