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Lecy Goranson is still looking good. She is still Roseanne's daugther Becky Conner. She is 45:



Here she is from the original series:

Does Melania have any competition? The vast majority of FLOTUS looked like Eleanor Roosevelt. Though, America's only bachelor president, James Buchanan, appointed his 27 year old niece, Harriet Lane, as FLOTUS. President Grover Cleveland married 21 year old Frances Folsom while in office and she became FLOTUS. These two ladies are the only two FLOTUS under 30 ever. Jackie Kennedy was 31 when JFK took office.


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Nancy Wilson (left) from Heart. She's aged very well. In her mid 60s now.


She was only about 23 here in 77'. 5'3 spunky little blonde just crushing it on guitar. Around the 2:20 mark is so badass when she kicks her knee up and hits it; hair blowin in the wind. I could just sit here and watch this intro on repeat. Well...I suppose I have been.


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puckerman said:
I am probably overrating her because I love her attitude. Here is Kristi Noem, the current Governor of South Dakota. She is 48.

Republican correct?
Another example of how conservative chicks are much more appealing than Soycialist chicks.


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CynicalContrarian said:
Remember Elisha Cuthbert?

Neither did I for awhile there.
Had completely forgotten about her, despite her being a friends favourite many years ago.

As she has been out of the news / paparazzi. At age 37, I expected a bit of a train wreck.
Yet I must say, she's doing damn well for herself for now. January 2020 :



From 2004.



16 years on any woman is a lot...but yeah I agree she's faired relatively well compared to many of her contemporaries

Edit: Off topic but really good soundtrack to that movie and movie itself was good


Good movie? I don't remember it being good. I just remember it revolving too much around sex, and that was me as a teenager thinking so!

Oh yeah....wasn't her character a porn star?

Now, I remember thinking there's something filthy about the whole damn thing. And I was just a raging hormonal teen. Because you know, I viewed women being in porn as terribly sad, among the saddest things ordinary human beings could do. I think, instinctively, we all knew that there must be something fucked up about women (childhood abuse, drug abuse, parental alienation, etc) being in porn and that's why we all have that guilty feeling after masturbation. Indeed, what are we to make the wholesome looking girl being defiled in all the holes at once? I bet each of us has had this experience of being mind-fucked when we first saw something like that.

I know, i'm getting off track here.


ScannerLIV said:
I bet each of us has had this experience of being mind-fucked when we first saw something like that.

Yes, the very first time I watched porn was bad for my (too) young brain, and I clearly remember it.

And how could it have been otherwise ? Normally if caveman you sees a man fucking a hot chick what do you do ? Kill him, and take her for yourself.

And what does porn teach you instead ? Stay passive, feel ashamed, be aroused, hide, watch, and jerk off .. well, congrats, you just got cucked !

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So with the new red pills we got recently, anyone wanna speculate how many of these celeb wall survivor bitches are on adrenochrome?