Wall Victims


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I used to see Pam back in 2004 or so. I was working in a deli in Malibu and she was a regular. I remember the first time I saw her (she'd always come in dressed down and no makeup) I was literally repulsed by the person in front of me.
bacon said:
meg ryan has transformed into something wicked
That's a bad photo. You could do a lot worse for women in their fifties. I'm not hating on your preferences, but we can find more tragic examples.

Pammy hit the wall, smashed straight through it then hit a second wall, behind the original wall. She hit both full on at top, top speed. Not that I ever thought too much of her in the first place.

To be fair, I doubt even Brigette Bardot was going around thinking she was just hitting her peak.Elisha Cuthbert doesn't look too bad.

Girls Aloud are starting to turn, almost certainly one of the reasons they've decided to pack it in.