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Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Biden of fingering her without consent while she worked in Biden's office as a staff assistant circa 1992.

Something tells me that this woman has lots more frustrations with life outside of Biden.

Another example of a woman with a masculine face. She's not ugly. But if she cut off her hair, most would probably think she's a guy.
I was reviewing that classic from the 80s, Repo Man, and wondered what female lead Olivia Barash* is doing nowadays. Should have left well enough alone.

Pic on the left is from Repo Man when she would have been 19. No date on the right pic but she would be 55 now.

*this is the only movie I know her from


Katey Sagal has a very masculine face. She's attractive but her features are very masculine, as in the opposite of neoteny if that makes sense.

Well, it's the whole package that counts. I think the whole thing about Al not wanting sex didn't make sense given that she still had a nice figure, packed in those tight pants and prancing around in those high heels. Of course, when she belittled him over his dead-end job that's enough to turn him off but really the default trajectory of a marriage is the man begging for sex from his wife, not the other way around.


One of the Olsen twins looks quite a bit older and more busted than the other. She's divorcing Nicolas Sarkozy's brother, apparently, so pics of her are all over the net right now and.... gah. She's 33.



I've always found it fricking beyond weird that the Olsen twins never smile in their pubic photos. I mean never. it's creepy actually. Their younger sister Elizabeth (of Avengers fame) smiles all the time.

I thought for sure you were wrong about this until I checked it myself. Indeed, they never show their teeth. Their looks range from morose to at best a slight grin.

The Olsen twins look like zombies or human replacements right out of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". They are only 33 but they look beat. Their facial expressions just look dead to me. Their sister is 30 but looks years younger. I didn't even know who she was when I first saw her in the Avengers films. I just though she was attractive. I had no idea she was sister to the Olsen twins. She has a joy about her that is completely missing in her older sisters. The eyes say it all. Full of joy vs the dead look.

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Ever wonder why some of these celebrity women who age do not hit the wall so hard?

They inject korean baby foreskin into their faces.

At least, that's what they themselves claim. Here's Sandra Bullock and Ellen talking about it.