Was COVID released by US Intelligence to oust Trump?


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There’s a lot of good comments/analysis on this thread. I find myself thinking about these things often. The nature of the deceit is such that we will never fully know that a given analysis is finally correct. Just as in our search to know God we recognise that we will not fully and finally know Him in this life.

One thing I have repeatedly seen in my own life is that if I leave these questions alone and focus on prayer and my relationship with Him, only then do I move in what I can see is the right direction (usually retrospectively). And only then am I most useful to my family.

I suspect that any more time spent dissecting these things once it is clear that they are from the deceiver, is ultimately another trap to pull us back towards him and away from Jesus Christ.
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This question rests on the assumption that Covid is a legitimate bioweapon released either by the U.S. Deep State or the CCP, and not just another cold that relied on the placebo effect enforced by fearmongering propaganda from media outlets and the governments.

The whole point of the scamdemic is to give the leftist media a sure firing ground against Trump when all the race-baiting bullsh1t didn't work that they could sustain for more than a year. And also by keeping everyone at home nobody would be able to stop ballots being tampered with.