Waukesha (Wisconsin) Christmas Parade Car Rampage



And it's a popular post. We're now at the stage where leftists openly support terrorism against us. They're openly advocating for our deaths, and have been, and conservatives are still at the "I'm not racist" stage.

I absolutely feel justified in unmasking myself in front of family and supporting segregation, been doing that for a while now. Ask an older normie conservative how segregation is bad exactly, given how awful it has been for everyone involved. Expect hilarious results and short circuiting or reluctant agreement. Especially fun with the "MLK Jr was a Republican!" conservatives.

I have a bad feeling about this.The war is about to begin?
Don't think so, but I'm all for pushing buttons on people I know, not because I want war, but I want them to understand the truth of the situation we find ourselves in.


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Absolutely sickening. I will wait for more information before I make any judgements on the suspect and motive...although my mind already has ideas...


There's going to be a rolling death toll on this one, judging by just some of the older ages reported, and how fast that SUV was plowing through.

Its just that the media will be sluggish on reporting this, as its an undesirable, boring group on the receiving end of this mayhem, and they just can't be bothered.


Waukesha is a far western suburb of Milwaukee that’s about 20 miles from Milwaukee. It’s a very conservative county that votes very heavily Republican in state elections. The guys that did this did it intentionally knowing full well that the majority of the people attending this parade we’re going to be suburban conservative whites from the greater Waukesha county area. This appears to be a hate crime. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.


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When was the last time a white person intentionally drove an SUV through a rap concert where everyone was black and fired rifles to kill/injure some more?
If that happened it would be an international news event, and every politician in the country would be issuing public statements right now about domestic terrorism, hate crimes, white supremacy, etc.


No such thing as black racism in America remember.

This event is one of 2 things: a black Muslim terrorist event or a black racist terrorist event.

Best thing the Bolsheviks in America did is convince people there is no difference between Nigger and Nigga and that the former doesnt exist.


Grandmothers, children, and women. Anyone want to predict something from whites as a whole besides "We're all red on the inside, I don't see race. Prayers for the victims."

If you look up MSM reporting, you'll find out it was simply a SUV that committed this act of terrorism. The SUV decided to drive itself into the crowd, no comment on a driver or a possible motive. I haven't found one MSM site that mentions it was a black, from WaPo to Breitbart. How bout instead of "SUV Plows Into a Crowd" we try this for a headline "Black Terrorist Driving SUV Plows into a Crowd of Whites at a Christmas Parade"