Waukesha (Wisconsin) Christmas Parade Car Rampage




They want your women and children dead, bleeding on the ground, gasping for air, and they think it's funny.

The Penitent Man

I have a bad feeling about this.The war is about to begin?
There is no reconciling differences with these people. They are full of envy, malice and strife. We cannot live together peacefully because they cannot live with anyone peacefully, including their likeminded kin. They do not value life. They are thieves, liars, and murderers to their core. They live only to fill their bellies with food they did not work for, to blaspheme God with their words and actions, to get high, and to fornicate. They destroy anything and everything beautiful because they hate what they don’t have and can’t steal.

The Penitent Man

So do white people get freedom to riot and burn places to the ground if innocent victims are killed? Asking for a friend.

I suspect that if more lock downs in big blue cities occur, and more racial tensions kick up by Xmas we'll see mass rioting.
The headlines I’m seeing are making it seem somehow disconnected from the Rittenhouse verdict. Of course, nothing on the race of the victims or the murderers.


Orthodox Catechumen
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It's sad to say this, but it's not really a shock to me and I'm completely desensitized at this point. I lived in Western Europe during the refugee wave when this was basically a weekly occurrence. The media runs through the same pre-written script, a small crowd gathers for a candlelit vigil to sing that stupid John Lennon song, then Whites are blamed for not being accommodating enough. It was already tiresome 7-8 years ago.


And it's a popular post. We're now at the stage where leftists openly support terrorism against us. They're openly advocating for our deaths, and have been, and conservatives are still at the "I'm not racist" stage.

I absolutely feel justified in unmasking myself in front of family and supporting segregation, been doing that for a while now. Ask an older normie conservative how segregation is bad exactly, given how awful it has been for everyone involved. Expect hilarious results and short circuiting or reluctant agreement. Especially fun with the "MLK Jr was a Republican!" conservatives.

Don't think so, but I'm all for pushing buttons on people I know, not because I want war, but I want them to understand the truth of the situation we find ourselves in.

At the very least segregation may give us warning to prepare when they act unusually.

Revenge attacks supported by journalists and their gang networks could and would still happen.


Just remember, the people who did this.... Want you to be angry.

Be angry but remember the goal of the folks behind it.

Remember Helter Skelter and Charles Manson.

Be angry. But do not sin. Kyle Rittenhouse was well trained, well versed in law. His supreme self-control and discipline gave him victory.

Christian American peacefulness and regard for order isn't weakness. It is a strength and superb material for organised violence.

If only the "Not-racists" recognise Racism towards themselves and prepares accordingly to meet and destroy the oncoming threat will they win. Like Kyle did.