Waukesha (Wisconsin) Christmas Parade Car Rampage


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get ready for those CNN filters


As predicted....

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It's not working.

Interesting. It's not likely grassroots leftists would know about that site and DDOS it that quickly. For the most part they tend to focus on surface level crap like harassing visible personalities.

My bet: it was DDOs'ed by government stooges of some variety.

I couldn't get on either.

To play devil's advocate, I had never heard of that website before today but I've seen it linked probably a dozen places today including a few high traffic forums. Could be something nefarious going on but it's also possible they may just genuinely not be able to handle the traffic.

Edit - when I tried getting on earlier it was timing out, now it looks like the site is just down. So yeah, that smells fishier.


I just feel the need to clarify some misinfo about this perp. Andy Ngo is claiming that he “bragged on his Twitter about how to run over people and get away with it”.

This is untrue. The post in question discussing that subject is him whining about a screencap of a cop (since fired) bragging on social media about how to run over protesters/rioters blocking highways and streets.

This is one of the reasons I don’t like Ngo, he lies without hesitation.

I do think this perp hated whites, and thought “well, this verdict means it’s now overtly legal to kill POC, and it already de facto was - time to ram this Christmas parade!”

He is at fault and deserves the death penalty - but the media egged him on. I don’t think he would have acted out terroristically like this without being activated by the lies we’ve been seeing. He probably just would have mugged and killed some shmuck unlucky enough to walk too close, and been one of many violent criminals in the Milwaukee metro.


Diversity is the death of community

After WW2 under global Jewish rule a political project was pushed to change the make up of the world, a new world order, a world without borders.

This Jewish rule has many different brand names across the world: social democrats, liberals, democrats, conservatives. But it all comes down to the same policies.

A rising tax rate for the white man which is redistributed to blacks and criminals. Jews hold ownership over media, finances, politics, health and education. Power is being centralized in mega governments as NATO, UN and EU and monopololized mega corporations as Amazon & Google. Open borders mean that that blacks, indians, asians and jews can freely enter Europe and the US / Canada / Australia and New-Zealand acquire property and companies and live as parasites on the white man.

Opposition to this agenda is forbidden by law and is called racism, anti-semitism, anti-globalism, bigotry and will result in persecution and / or constant mockery like the Christians are mocked in Jew society. The controlled system is so extensive that breaking these jew rules means that you will never get a job or position again in government and big corporations, thus many refrain from it.

This movement aims for destruction. The destruction of communal living, of trust, of safety, of self-sufficiency, of wealth for the white man and of procreation of the white race. It ultimately aims for the death of the image and the goal of the honourous Christian white man.

It aims for a new breed of man. A hypersexual mastubating white man, a single man with boyish desires who wants to be constantly entertained, who eats diverse foods brought to his apartment by Uber Eats and writes message on Facebook and Twitter on the importance of #BLM.

This black man driving into a group of white children is just another act in this criminal scheme. Media is silent. Politics is silent. The migration needs to continue. The diverse society. The white man needs to dissolve.

I want to say with this post. It fits in the play. And as long they stay in power I think it will only gets worse. Better see it as it is than living in naivety. In the end this is orchestrated and just another act in 75 years of black on white violence and murder.

Please god have mercy on us for we have sinned letting these monsters in and following our base desires instead of following you.

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Okay so the first link to the group of girls of which half are now in the ICU is no longer visible (on my Brave Browser). I noticed that some 'extremist' Telegram channels get sometimes throttled. Not deleted, but just throttled as I now get this message


So for the sake of winning the information war here's the picture instead, this time by screenshot



He looks possessed by a demon. His eyes are uneven, one bigger than the other, and he has sanpaku eyes too. From a mug shot:

View attachment 35073

View attachment 35074

They started pushing Satanism in rap music 10 years ago or so. I think it is now unleashing death upon our society. See: Travis Scott concert.
I know it sounds crazy, but I really think we will see more of this.
Never mind the recent Kanye thing...

Plus the JayZ illuminati imagery


Never mind the recent Kanye thing...

Plus the JayZ illuminati imagery

Just earlier this morning, in a regular white middle class suburban household, the father beat his 20 year old daughter to death with a baseball bat while she slept. He then beat his wife (who lived), fled the house and shot himself in the head in a wooded area nearby. I really don't know for sure but I can't help but think this sounds quite demonic. It's a stretch I suppose but I would not be surprised to learn the daughter listened to this modern rap in the house and it ruined them. I for one will not allow that trash around me. If I am in an Uber, I make the driver turn that crap off. I predict a lot more mayhem in coming.

Anyway, back to the subject matter.
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All intended and according to plan. Soros the nation wrecker realized some years ago that he couldn’t quite achieve his goals through Congress at the national level, so he pivoted to a different strategy. His various organizations started funding and supporting radical DAs and AGs in various blue districts and he has succeeded in getting them elected into office. These people have in turn decriminalized most crimes by refusing to prosecute the offenders. What you have is soaring crime and anarchy in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, NYC, LA, pretty much any major US city.

Criminals have a free pass to do whatever they want, there are no consequences. The corrupt DA in San Francisco announced felony charges against some of the looters from last weekend’s mayhem. Once the heat is off, those charges will quietly be lowered to misdemeanors, followed by some diversion program and the scum will be back in the streets. It may sound callous, but i have zero sympathy for the citizens of these cities, brain dead liberals getting exactly what they voted for.


You can see a copy of it via Archive.

I don't know if it was a troll job. It seemed legit. Radical Left-Antifa always have a way to raise bail money.

You don't think the person who ran this would have picked a gentler looking profile picture for this? It screams "guilty crazy evil demonic racist murderer."

No they always use a nice picture for all online use when it comes to these losers. George Floyd... He would be holding a puppy or dressed to visit his grandma's funeral if it were really posted by someone wanting to raise money.

I also note the screen shot and archive says "just now" as the release date, and has no donations. This thing is a chain yank.


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Here in the UK, this has been pretty well buried, conveniently overshadowed by the murder of a teenage girl. Compare that with the publicity given to the martyrdom of St George. So far no reaction from the board at my place of work, and I'm not expecting one. Contrast that with the way they dealt with the Floyd case, when they were tripping over each other to be PC, making statements of solidarity, offering counseling to those affected (!), and generally doing their best to side with the mob.

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There's a verified page on the famous Gofundme website, a page set for the numerous victims of the atrocious attack perpetrated by this alt-Left monster.

Here is the address : https://www.gofundme.com/c/act/wauk...al&utm_campaign=bcgfm_tw_fund_Waukesha-Parade

The victims whose family members have appeared in the media, have obtained important sums, already. But, scroll down the page and you'll find victims who have not yet received enough money to cover hospital/funerary expenses. Helping them through donations, would be nice indeed.

For example, this woman below has her husband and 2 little kids in critical condition at the hospital, and has only received 10.000 usd for hospital bills :
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