Weaponized drones / killer AI robots

The advances in robotics, battery technology, AI, and voice recognition the last couple of decades have been remarkable. I believe we are not far from a reality where seeing autonomous robots roaming our workplaces, our homes, in stores, and our streets will be commonplace.
I'm watching this with interest, yet it is frightening to realize that what they show is 30 years behind of what they can do probably. This is always the case, whether it was the internet that has been created in the 60s but released to the public in the 80s and so on and so forth. It does however give an interesting look into the future, for we always hear robots can do the work but now you realize they will be able to do and probably will be used to do at at least at first lowskilled jobs. A future with these things walking around in 20-30 years doesn't sound that futuristic now, if it won't be in 10 years... although they will have to pace it and introduce it to the public, drones will be a likely way to do that I reckon