Weird things you noticed lately (Ladies)


Men fighting with, cursing out women. Seems there used to be a time where men were more respectful (even if the woman was in the wrong) but now I see grown men yelling, cursing out women like they would another man. I also notice men not holding doors for women like they used to.

When Feminists and Feminism tried to masculinize women in society "women can do anything a man can" and pushing themselves and other women into male roles in general. The former respect and protections that come from femininity was also broken.

If women are as capable as men. Then they take on all the downsides of manhood too in addition to their biological limitations.

The other side of the prestige of manhood is to become as expendable as men. If you want to be as good as men then you need to be ready to die or get crippled like men.

Boundaries provide definition to masculinity and femininity. Breach those boundaries and one negates them all together. As the transgender movement aptly demonstrates.


This is the fallacy. If women are “as capable as men” how is modern “Patriarchy” even a thing? If women were “capable” then “patriarchy” would’t exist. Because it’s not so much about capability but biological reality and our natural God given order and hierarchy.

All sin is not only parasitic on Good. But predicated on the transgression of God given boundaries. The keeping of which lead to harmony.

God gave us boundaries to keep us safe from sin. But there is lots of flexibility within said boundaries.

Too many people want to be free of boundaries. But in the end that is self-destruction. We are bounded by our existence and cannot exist without boundaries.

A universe without boundaries is nothing at all. Even God who is perfect excellence and infinite. Is somehow bounded by his existence to not be able to do evil for example.

He being excellence cannot be anything but the Good,True and Beautiful at its best in unity and infinity.

To be otherwise is a negation of God himself. Like the logical fallacy of God creating a rock he can't lift.
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I wonder if this is how they're going to drive everyone out of the country and into the cities where the Globalists can monitor them.
Just wanted to follow up on this. Turns out a new, very particular mailman started on our route. We got the specs from the manager about distance from the road, etc., made minor adjustments, talked to the manager again, and finally, that particular new guy resumed delivery.

Our friend who works at the post office is a superstar since he'll actually do the manual work, is getting lots of overtime and doing great. Good for him.