Welcome to RVF II


I just spent the day migrating what was left of RVF I (special thanks to @Nineteen84 for assisting me with the migration). You can see the RVF I archive at https://www.rooshvforum.com/archive. It won't be online forever, so grab anything you need from there by July.

As you can see, Xenforo software is quite different than Mybb. To help us with the transition, I created a How-To & Troubleshooting forum at the bottom of the main forum page. Use that forum to ask questions about the software (e.g. changing your avatar, embedding videos, etc.). There is also a Sandbox forum where you can test out the features before posting to live threads. This software is new to me so I will be learning with you.

The biggest change I've made is adding over a dozen forums for more focused discussion. The old Everything Else is now Off Topic. A new forum, Culture general, is where most threads you remember as belonging in EE now reside. I've transferred the past 6 months of threads to the new subforums. If a thread older than that gets bumped, I'll move it to the right place. It will take us a while to get a feel for where to post a new thread, so if you post a new thread and it seems to disappear, it's because I moved it somewhere else. Go to your profile to see your posted threads and the new location.

Understand that with RVF II, I did not try to copy/paste the old forum. That forum is dead. This is a new platform with a new focus, so I ask that you use the forum for one week before making any suggestions or feature requests. In one week, a new area will open for you to do so. Use the How-To & Troubleshooting forum to ask questions about the new software or report any problems in the meanwhile.

Lastly, I have locked threads that have not been bumped in the past 5 years. If you wanted to reply to an old thread, simply start a new one.

I hope you enjoy the new forum!
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After exploring the forum's new UI as well as mobile, I am impressed with the new software so far. A few minutes ago, I changed the theme from Default to Dark Mode style and it looks fantastic.

Besides the new UI layouts design, the biggest improvement I've seen so far is the fast page loading time.


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Going to miss the look of the mybb layout, defines classic internet for the better part of the last two decades IMO (lasting impact from the plethora of mybb forums in my formative years prior to Big Tech monopolization via FB/Reddit), just sad to see it fade away from popular use due to it's age, like saying goodbye to an old pet.


It's a job well done Roosh, it's only been an hour but this new software and forum UI is already growing on me. Pretty intuitive and easy on the eyes with some cool new features to boot !


One thing to keep in mind is that with so many new forums, any new thread you create will take longer to get views and replies, though it will better target those who want to discuss that specific topic.