We're strong. We are winning.


Orthodox Inquirer
This man is a pagan who has contemplated christianity several times.

I believe we need to unite as our vision is the same. Share the truth and Christ will come to those who see the light. Our struggle is a celebation, don't forget that.

"The victory is already in my head, the fight itself is the celebration". (Mike Tyson)

"You stood by when they shot us up!"

What about my job? Or the 150k I lost in investments? My children growing up with Eyes Wide Shut masked people everywhere?

I told every single person I know that the shot is poison and they all took it. The restaurant and cafe were just too much of a temptation to not take it... even if you knew it was wrong.
And now you sit there with your heart pumping asking yourself how God can so be cruel.

When are we, yes WE be allowed to be the victim?
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