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The level of propaganda is breathtaking, from the article above:

"Russians' morale is so bad, British intelligence says, that there have been armed standoffs between political enforcers and individuals and even units on the battlefield that have refused to follow their orders. Russia is suffering "very heavy casualties, combat stress, continued poor logistics, and problems with pay," the U.K. reported. "Morale problems in the Russian force are likely so significant that they are limiting Russia's ability to achieve operational objectives."

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, head of the British Armed Forces was more blunt. "Russia will never take control of Ukraine," he said.

"Ukraine has shown how courageous it really is. Russia has vulnerabilities because it's running out of people, it's running out of hi-tech missiles," Radakin said. "Any notion that this is a success for Russia is nonsense. Russia is failing. It might be getting some tactical successes over the last few weeks. And those might continue for the next few weeks. But Russia is losing."

...The Russian troops on the ground know this. "There is no other way to go home" except by shooting oneself, one frontline soldier said in another intercepted cellphone call. Commanders are telling the men in the trenches that there will be no reinforcements to relieve them and no rest, that they will be fighting until the Fall."

then the article goes on:

"...Russia is estimated to have about 1,000 guns and mortars on Ukrainian soil, about half in the Donbas area. As part of Ukraine's plea to the West last week to speed up its delivery of guns, Kyiv officials couldn't resist citing this supposed bad news. Russia has ten times as many guns as Ukraine, they said. "In some places," Deputy Defense Minister Malyar said, "Russian forces are using ten times more" projectiles than Ukrainian forces."

That really has gotta hurt those Russians' morale, using 10x as much artillery as your opponent in an artillery duel. :laugh:


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Remember the Ghost of Keev?
Now we have... the Goat of Keev!

Russians booby trapping a hospital... lol uh huh
Then a Ukrainian goat entered the hospital and began setting off all the tripwire .... lol
And it took out 40 Russian troops ... riiiight

Guys, if you keep this up, we're gonna have to move this to the humor thread.

Oh here's another good one.


An unconfirmed photo of a retired Russian general in Vladimir Putin's army has sparked speculation amid reports that Moscow is deploying retired personnel in the war against Ukraine because of combat losses.

An image purportedly of the retired general has gone viral on social media, with Twitter users, including U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, poking fun at his appearance and his weight.

"Putin is now scraping the barrel," the senior intelligence source said. "Most of his best and battle-hardened senior commanders have been killed or injured fighting in Ukraine so he is resorting to sending second rate officers to the front who don't last very long."

"Putin is like a mafia boss who no one can refuse to obey. If a retired general gets a message from Putin saying mother Russia needs you to fight in Ukraine there is not much you can do. There is now escape from Russia thanks to the sanctions."

Sheesh, Newsweek, do you even edit your propaganda before publishing?

This stuff is really hilarious. I guess normies believe some of it?

I wonder if that guy is even Russian? Don't generals usually have insignia and medals on their chest?
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"The General faced similar issues during the defense of Sievierodonetsk when his platoon was on the front line near a small river. On the opposite bank was another platoon with which he had no way to communicate. So almost every time the enemy attacked, the other unit would not just shoot at the Russians but also, unknowingly, at the General’s men who were in the line of fire — with everything from rifles to heavy machine guns.
“Nobody knew how to connect with them,” the General said. “Every day as we were standing there, for over 20 days, as far as I understood, nobody could connect to that unit next to us and let them know they were firing on their own.”
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"OUTSIDE OF LYSYCHANSK, Ukraine — The Ukrainian airborne unit was relieved to be pulling back from the front Sunday morning, riding a column of armored personnel carriers away from the embattled city of Severodonetsk, which had already fallen to the Russians, and Lysychansk, which was on the brink.
“Nothing happened to us to when we were at the front,” the unit commander said. “It was while we were retreating that we got hit.”
They were hit, and hit badly."