What’s normal in a relationship?


Having left it late to try a relationship, I’m a novice and am unsure if these things are reasonable or unreasonable;

- Being friendly to random girls
- Looking at other girls
- Her dislike to my single mates that still hunt
- Her wanting me to feel ashamed of my sexual past and delete photos of it (I don’t have any sexual photos)


There has to be some mutual respect. Of course as man you’re still going to ogle other girls, but either don’t do it around her or be discreet. Obviously don’t flirt or approach in front of her.


- The struggle to hold frame 24/7. You must resist her attempts to break you down and ply you to her will.

- The damp realization that sex becomes routine and predictable. You may soon begin to crave new strange.

- The relationship leans more towards friendship as familiarity sets in. This can be good/bad depending on your lens and aim.

- You get comfortable, and so does she. Your habits should not falter, as you are a man. Women getting more lax is the norm - this is where you set her straight.