What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Can anyone recall what dreams and nightmares you've had? I myself believe our dreams express what our subconscious mind really wants, and I believe are nightmares are a way to re-calibrate our brain to to respond to traumatic situations.

Here are my dreams:

1) I had a dream that I teleported back to the past. I witnessed all of the important and exciting events of my ancestors, but I also witnessed some of the hardships.

2) I had a dream that I was drafted as a QB for either the Minnesota Vikings or Philadelphia Eagles. I earned a spot on the roster, and I took my team to the Super Bowl.

3) I had a dream that I was George Jetson. I had a loft apartment, a flying car, a robot maid named Rosie and an obedient wife and children.

4) I had a dream that I was in the Simpsons or Futurama and all of the beautiful characters were love-struck with me.
The only difference between it and the cartoon was that everything was 3D.

5) I had a dream about becoming a self-actualizing person and fulfilling just about all of the items on my bucket list. I fell in love with a beautiful women who was of European nobility, and all my favorite celebrity figures attended my wedding.

6) I had a dream that all of the obnoxious, ugly and nerdy feminist women I knew were knocked up by Bloods and Crips gang members who in turn treated them like complete shit.


1) I've had a nightmare where I was apart of a hostage situation.

2) I've had a nightmare where I was lost and stranded on some Island like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

3) I've had nightmares of falling off a cliff or being on board a plane that is about to crash.

4) I've had a nightmare of being abducted by Aliens.

What have your dreams and nightmares been like?
I almost always dream/remember my dreams on the nights I get really wasted.

Dreams are generally reflections of your subconsiousness. Your desires, fears, hopes.

1) I dreamt I was lying (!) on top of a huge, 50-meter tree, while the entire Earth was sliding below me. I pictured the scene as one from oldschool, 50's or 60's American Western movies. A huge valley with a forest, a river and mountains rolling in the background. I was afraid I'll fall down, but gradually I learned to go with the flow and stay on top of my tree...
Might be a reflection about general anxiety and life challenges, and overcoming them.

2) I dreamt several times that I made peace with myast ex, we were happy ever after etc... a load of bullshit

3) My dad, friends and I were in the military and in dangerous situations; we got out of all of them, albeit always with the loss of someone important.
Sacrifice, heroism, camaraderie...


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I once had a forum related dream.

Roosh started a thread announcing he was getting married. He included pictures and we were all shocked to see it was an Asian girl. Then Chaos of all people claimed he'd banged her before and proved it with more pictures. Then Roosh banned him and all Finns from the forum.

What did this mean?
Whenever I take a break from smoking weed my dreams/nightmares become so crazy and realistic. Those are the ones that freak me out the most, I wake up and have to check myself or my possessions because of how real they seemed...


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Funny you posted this today because I was just talking about this over supper with friends. The most fucked up sleep related thing that ever happened to me was during the peak of my quarter life crisis when I was 24. In the span of two weeks I got dumped by my girlfriend, broke my ankle, got evicted from my apartment, got fired from my job and was involved in a massive street brawl that involved my friend getting boot fucked by five guys and I thought he was dead, I had to drag his ass into a taxi because the ambulance wouldn’t stop because the brawl was ongoing when they arrived. He ended up with a concussion and fifteen stitches in his forehead.

Anyway, I was stressed to the max and crashing on a friend’s mattress in his basement next to a brick wall. I woke up one morning and felt weird, my hands hurt, once I got up I saw that my knuckles were all skinned and bloody. I realized I was punching the brick wall in my sleep but had no recollection of it. I thought “damn, that’s fucked up” so went to shower. As soon as the water came on and touched my head, I felt pain so got out of the shower to dry off then realized that my head was all beat up and skinned/bloody too.

So basically as I slept I got in a fight with the brick wall and smashed my head into it and punched it to the point that my knuckles and noggin were bloody and beat to shit. Absolutely no memory of it.


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I have always dreamed in color.... even though I was told people typically dream in black and white.

Have to come back to this thread later... I have had some really detailed and profound dreams. Curious as to what my brain would conjure up if I ever took acid....


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I had this recurring dream where I was Mr Potato head and various body parts like my leg or my cock would fall off and I screw them back on good as new

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I once had a dream where time perception was slowed down like in Inception. I thought I was in there for a week. I woke up to a large pool of sweat and it turned out that I had slept for 6 hours.

When I listen to these songs before sleeping, they give me some strange dreams.
Kid Cudi - Solo Dolo (Nightmare)
Kid Cudi - Day n Nite (Nightmare)
Kid Cudi - All Along
The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping (I know the irony of this)
Drake - Buried Alive Interlude (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
CunninLynguists - Embers. (Oneirology Full Album)

I haven't had nightmares in a while. That is strange enough on its own.


Most of my dreams involve walking around abandoned malls, ala-Dawn of the Dad. Only rarely do stores there turn into occult torture cellar lounge clubs. People I know appear, and then turn into other people when I'm not looking.

I did one time have a dream that I was falling and wake up on the floor next to my bed.

Have dreamed of showing up to school and once in my desk in class I found I was naked.

As a kid, the one that I can remember was dreaming that the entire Eastern Seaboard broke off in an earthquake and sank into a sea, killing all of my immediate family. I woke up crying, which even at that age I couldn't believe.

A recurring one I had in junior high was that I was in a go-kart in a huge cave and was being chased by giant clowns driving giant go-karts, no doubt inspired by Mario Kart and Twisted Metal.


I kept a dream journal from 11th grade through my freshman year of college, I fell off on it because it became too time consuming to keep up with. I would try include every little detail and I was typing like a page and a half, single spaced, for every dream session I had. It's pretty widely known that keeping a dream journal improves dream recall dramatically and this was definitely true in my experience.

Most of my dreams seem to be weird jumbled scenarios with random people, in random places, and don't really have any basis in reality at all. Like a bunch of weird stuff happening. I've always had recurring dreams of my teeth falling out or being fucked up, this seems like a common dream pattern.

I dug up the old journal, here's a quickie from 2010:

"I was on this grassy knoll in the middle of a large body of water. I’m not sure if it was an island in a lake or a peninsula, because I never looked behind me, and I only saw the one side of it. I’m pretty sure it was a peninsula though. The colors were really bright and the whole scenario seemed more like a painting than real life. The grass was long, thin, and lime green, the sky and water were a darkish blue-purple color, and the trees/bushes on the peninsula were a vibrant dark green. There were these large black beetle-looking creatures that were just grazing around in the grass. They were a little bigger than my foot, and had a large shell with a horn that curved up in the front and then folded over the back of the bug. There was also a splash of red on the shells that reminded me of black widow spider; they kind of creeped me out. I think there were some people with me in this dream, but I can’t really remember them. Anyway, I crawled down the grassy peninsula onto these rocks by the water’s edge; the rocks were light blue with whorls on them, kind of like a finger print. I stood on some that were in the water and looked down into the depths. Close to the surface were some black things that resembled tadpoles, but like the beetle things, they had a little red spot on their back. They looked pretty evil slithering around beneath the water, with their black beady eyes and black widow color scheme. I started climbing back up the light blue rocks, and when I looked down at my foot, I saw a large mouth on the rock grinning back up at me. It had the blueish-purple lips and it’s teeth were a really pale light blue, and it was just sitting there grinning its toothy grin up at me. It was really creepy. I was kind of freaked out, so I picked up the pace and climbed back up on the grass, and saw that there were a lot of the beetle things swarming around. I turned around (I just remembered this part; this is why I knew it was a peninsula rather than an island) and saw I long thin strip of grassy land connecting the main part of the peninsula back to the mainland. I started to get the fuck out of there but then I woke up."
Dreams can be powerful tools to help you in your life or you can simply ignore them - it's your choice.

I used to also have a dream notebook at some times in my life. The more I meditated, contemplated and the less alcohol I drank, then the more dreams I had and the more lucid they were.

When I was younger I dreamt of some past lives I supposedly had and people I met. It seemed also that I had plenty of conflicts that I resolved within me - sometimes living through scenes of extreme violence where I waded through blood and smashed skulls. Then this stopped as well somehow not needing to do that anymore - as at least in the dreams I am more like Superman. Unfortunately that does not carry over to the physical.

The strongest experiences and most important ones were indeed in times where I meditated some 4-5 hours daily. After some 2 weeks of this I had the vision to move to Poland in February of next year. I quit my lackluster middle-management job in the West. Told my girl that we are moving East and told her that the savings would last 1 year - I have a "vision" that it will work out. After looking at me dumbfounded she complied.
In any case 3 weeks before my move a joint business partner offered me a much better job in Poland for a big corporation and I was all set - only because he heard that I would be moving there.

I remember the first time I told my best buddy that I am moving to another country based on a strong dream I had - heh. He looked at me as if I was crazy - he is into dream study too, but you have to be super-sure if you follow that strong a move after a dream. But back then I was 100% certain that this was the best step - probably because I attuned my inner being so much with some inner guidance, that I simply knew. I am also smart enough to know that if I don't have that strong connection, then there is not much credence to it.

Reminds me of this one dream one of my side-girls had where she dreamed that she got AIDS. So of course we both got to the AIDS clinic with the expected negative results.