What are you currently reading?


Christus Vincit - Athanasius Schneider
The Abolition of Man - C. S. Lewis
Heretics - C.K. Chesterton

Catholic formation and classics. Though Christus Vincit is more a mix of a personal story and an individual perspective on church politics.


I'd definitely have to recommend George Carlin's memoir, Last Words. A book I can read over and over again and still pick up a new tidbit of life knowledge, rediscover a cool piece of history and always get a hardy laugh.

Last Words
George Carlin

While I'm at it, these are some essential books to read, own and read again:

Title: Arrest Proof Yourself
Author: Dale C. Carson

Title: Up the Organization
Author: Robert C. Townsend


Just started The Anarchy by Dalrymple about tge East India Company. The intro makes it sound like it'll be great.

Already learned something never taught to me. The EIC basically went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by the BoE in 1773 after crop failures in India. At least some Americans noted their fears regarding the Crown sending in the EIC to "go India" on America to make back some money. The Boston Tea Party was specifically dumping EIC tea.

Grow Bag

David Irving - Hitler's War. I started spree reading WW2 memoirs to gain some perspective during the CV19 imprisonment. Reading about the conditions for soldiers on the Eastern Front, the peasants as they struggled to just survive another day and even those living in the cities that were bombed frequently, it's fair to say they were not a risk averse.

Irving fleshed out Hitler a bit more for me. I'd already read Heinz Linge -- With Hitler to the End, so I had some idea of the man, rather than the caricature. Next stop, Stalin.