What are you going to do with your stimulus check?

Pay off the county, city and ever so high school district taxes for 2020 so that the mouth breathin' deputies of Sheriff Buford T. Justice are off my back for another year. Then bask in the fact the that for 2021 I will not be homeless and worried that if I had to go to a shelter where I would be mandated to have a mRNA genetic modification injection masked as a 'vaccine' advertised by greedy pharmaceutical corporate drones and their fellow traveler politicians feeding off the pork barrel with me rejecting said 'vaccine' and then me being sent off to a re-education camp in the middle of the night in an unmarked bus.

It's staving off the inevitable I suppose.
I hope I get a stimulus check. I'm currently unemployed but thankfully have several months of living expenses saved up.

I might use that money to give me more time to plan for the impending inflation. So there will be some money set aside for networking, reading, and buying crypto.


Probably $700 in RBLX and $700 in UI Path.

Roblox/RBLX is the most addictive video game and they do data mining on little kids. Super profitable.

UI Path automates away menial jobs like data entry. Seems like the "they" in "they will automate your jobs away" company.


I hear that...

I'm sure you will be as busy as I will be opening all the thank you cards that stimulus and ebt recipients send us. I hope they buy those thank you cards with my tax dollars too, in fact.

That's a great idea I might actually buy thank you cards for some of the wealthier people I know, thanks Kona!


Last year's 1,200 dollar stimulus is sitting quietly earning interest in a certificate of deposit, and I can't touch it until October comes around.

This time around, I'm going to splurge a bit, and expand my collection of electronics. Specifically solar power because of recent power outages.


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