What are you going to do with your stimulus check?


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My plan is to blow it as fast as possible before the dollar completely breaks. I have 3 children with another on the way, so I’ll be getting $7k immediately, then another $1400 at tax time.
I thinking about getting a pellet grill and then the rest on homestead improvement.

i don’t think the dollar is going to tank as quickly as you seem to think it is. We haven’t seen effects of inflation of the dollar despite printing up trillions of dollars, probably because much of the world bases their currency on the US dollar.

That is the excuse we give for sending out hundreds of billions of dollars every year in aid to other governments

But my question is this: I just got approved for a ppp loan for $20888 and want to make sure the loan is forgiven by the sba. I can certainly show a loss of wages from March and April last year from corona virus.
I run payroll through onpay(similar to quick books it is a pr company for small businesses). I could pay myself through onpay to show that I was using the loan to pay my own wages (that is the primary reason for loan forgiveness ) but since the loan is under $150000 I don’t think it will be getting as much scrutiny from what I’m hearing and I may not have to provide that documentation of payroll to get the forgiveness? I’m not sure?

I’d love to hear from other small business owners that went through this last year.