What are you listening to?


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Tedeschi Trucks Band's "I Want More" into "Soul Sacrifice" - Around 2:45 mark, you could see a broken string on Derek Trucks' guitar. He changed the string on stage while the band continued playing and waited. Then Derek went on a blistering solo performance.



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If you like great vocals, do a search on Youtube for the "Wish Bus."

It's a bus in the Philippines that has a studio in it and it parks in a city and some killer singers show up.



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I've been listening to a lot of Ukrainian/Russian chamber choir and melody.

Kyiv Chamber Choir

Stichera (Monody of the XVI Century)

Kyrie Eleison (Monody of the XV Century)

Body of Christ (Monody of the XVI Century)

Blessed Is the Man (Monody of the XV Century)

Oreya (a Ukrainian chamber choir group based in Zhytomyr, Ukraine)

Plotiju usnuv (Kiev monody XVI)


debeguiled said:
Covers remind me why I like songs I'm tired of. This song is actually better sung by a female anyway. This is fairly adorable.

Their accents are indeed adorable. And I can just read that young man's mind: "Thank God I learned how to play guitar!"

I've played bass guitar for 30 years now. Lately I've been brushing up on a few tunes that I'm wanting to completely nail down. Here's one that's on the list - super fun bass line: