What are you listening to?


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Listening to Bloc Party's new album Four again. It's no indie rock masterpiece like their debut was, but definitely better than their third record. They're playing a techno festival in my city, too early for a sideshow to be announced yet.


Belize King

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Seems like Rappers are getting into the house/doubstep music. Don't know if it's something I can rock but maybe it will grow on me. Get that money Luda. R&B singers been crossin over the last 18 months.


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recently, old "crowded house", "The National's" very miserable, but incredible album "high violet" and some stuff by the composer "max richter"

interestingly, I only got into depeche mode a few months ago. I like em.


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Kudos to the Depeche Mode fans here, I love them too. Policy of Truth being my favorite. I've been listening to them recently as well.

She Wants Revenge - Take the World --- Gets me motivated to go and harass girls, plus the music video and the girls in the video are awesome.

Le Baron - Pelea! --- Awesome Spanish alternative rock song from Mexico, I wish I could find more awesome altrock songs like it in Spanish. I love the guitar and the haunting way the words are pronounced. "debeeees ooolviiiiidaaaar"



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P Dog said:
All of these dropped within the last couple weeks. Seeing all three of them this summer

Foals! Love them. Even as they were getting big, they would still do house band gigs where anyone can come in.

Watch this -- an astonishing performance.