What are you listening to?


Joshua Lee Turner. I've never seen a musician with so much talent before (and he's only 25 to boot). He can play all the instruments, is a tremendous songwriter, solid vocalist, and can sing songs in multiple languages without an accent. Also, he plays nearly all the genres effectively. Who else has done that before?

Here are examples of songs wherein he plays all the instruments:

"Honkey Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones

"Canto de Ossanha" by Powell e de Moraes (sung in Portugese)

"Rockaway" (one of his originals)



debeguiled said:
Is is possible to be too good at something?

This guy is so competent, I can't even enjoy his playing.

It just stresses me out.

can you imagine how pianists feel watching this lady? At 5:30 she really starts playing at blinding speed.




He was one of those artists that I knew his name, but never really listened to it. I gave it a try and he became one of my favorites.
Going to one of his concerts in few weeks.