What are you listening to?


Brings back memories of Chile at a ranch I worked on. This song was constantly on the radio. Great to drink to on a Saturday night!
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Just discovered a solid Christian melo-death band called Becoming The Archetype. Their album "Dichotomy" is based on the Space Trilogy novels by C.S. Lewis.

After listening to Witcoff talking about music he liked I browsed around including suggested/similar artists and now was listening to Giant - Stay, and then I really listened. It seem to be a paedophile trying to convince a girl to not reject him and run away.
Their logo is a 6 represented as a triangle, which they seem to fond of. The album features a man on fire wearing red diving downwards, and it is called time to burn. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, it may just be the artwork. The music video makes no sense and seems forced.

Hey little girl, it's not that bad, I said some things I know I shouldn't have...
But they're just the careless words of a jealous man...
'Cause it's a long way home when you're all alone...
That logo looks an awful lot like one of the FBI's pedophile symbols: https://aceloewgold.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/fbi-pedophile-symbols.pdf


For the over 40 crowd.

This reaction by a young man makes me very happy, especially his face when he comes across the part Kanye West sampled, then he goes on to discover how rich the music is. (epic guitar solo by Larry Carlton )

Steely Dan - kid Charlemagne