What are you listening to?

Er Miqué

The Christian Bloomer's song. It's just so relaxing and nice to hear.

Korean boy band music! But strictly against my will... My four stepdaughters just can't get enough of it...

That Kpop stuff is more toxic than a lettuce from chernobyl, once some young girl listens it she can't but keep listening it. Apparently all girls nowadays like it: it's the Backstreet Boys or Justin Bieber of the 2020's apparently. Just enjoy the ride and wait 'til they grow up and get embarrassed whenever somebody remembers them they liked to hear those korean boy bands when they were younger.


Lee Kerslake, the long-time drummer of Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne's first solo band, passed away last night. This is some of his best drumming in my opinion:




Even though the singer is a faggot, the song still has good lyrics. It was written about the economic situation of the UK in 1979-80 and is relevant to today.