What are you listening to?


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Whether or not they did engage in the kind of behavior their name refers to, you have to be really naive to think that they didn't know what their name meant as that gay-friendly "fact-checking" link implies. PSB are both homosexuals, at least one of them has admitted to having AIDS, they know their culture.


lol yeah I don't know, like I said not my kind of music anyway.

However japanese are known for sex involving live animals and guess what - they don't use rodents with tooth and claws.
The anal mucous membrane is rather delicate and your life is simply at risk if you're actually stupid enough to try this kind of shit (pun intended).

Now I do know of some stupid jokes involving this kind of stuff, usually made by young drunk people.
I also do know many (many) nurses and they have endless anecdotes of gays coming in with stupid conditions, but never had a "hamster" case.
To me it's a legend, urban maybe, gay definitely, but a legend still.