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Some relevant lyrics to today:

Yothu Yindi said:
All the people in the world are dreaming
Some of us cry for the rights of survival
Saying c'mon c'mon! Stand up for your rights
While others don't give a damn
They're all waiting for a perfect day
So you better get up and fight for your rights
Don't be afraid of the move you make
You better listen to your tribal voice!


Other Christian
This is from an album inspired by the Book of Revelation that Vangelis released in 1972 with Demis Roussos, who plays bass and sings on this album.
I like Vangelis a lot. He's hit and miss, but when he's on he's great. His Bladerunner soundtrack is probably his best and definitely what I listen to the most, but The City is another favorite. It's one of those almost perfect albums that drops off in quality just a little bit toward the end. Something about it reminds me of spending the day in a big European city like Milan or Vienna when I was young and travelling, back before the Internet and social media when being in Europe really felt like being far from home.



Gotta plug Kenny Dale Whortley again here. They've got the best meme page on the internet right now and their songs are legit hilarious (but they are pretty vulgar if you don't want to hear that).