What are you listening to?



Maybe I've mentioned ten times already I'm into gaming soundtracks, but man they're great for knocking out some tasks quickly. I always feel the need to listen deeply to most music. This is pleasant and semi-ambient. (I also played this game into the ground when I was in middle school, so there's that nostalgia too.)
The concept albums Obsolete and Demanufacture by Fear Factory are masterpieces of industrial metal, and as far as I'm concerned, if Ted Kaczynski or Pentti Linkola made an album this might be it. Completely rails against technology as the downfall of society, from Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsolete_(album) ); A concept story is contained within the music and continues where Demanufacture left off. Obsolete is about the future of mankind and how machines have taken over humanity. It was inspired by the band's belief that humanity has become too reliant on technology. Bell explained, "We're up to the point in the story where man is obsolete. Man has created these machines to make his life easier, but in the long run it made him obsolete. The machines he created are now destroying him. Man is not the primary citizen on earth."

The CD booklet had an elaborate story-arch to the animal which could even be construed as quasi-Christian in tenor, and the vocals on the album are told through the lens of various characters of the narrative. Just an amazing set of albums, and great vocals. Very apropos of our current era we live in post-2020.




William Prince is a Christian First Nations folk, country artist. The man has a pretty remarkable story of redemption through Christ, and he's been blessed with a beautiful voice.