What are you listening to?


Lately I've been binging on Synthwave music.

I love the sound, the rhythm, the aesthetics, everything.

I can see myself blasting this music while driving around at night.

I like synthwave as background music, but the whole idea of retro futurism is kinda sad. Having to look backwards to a feeling of positivity and possibility for the future. When I see synthwave videos it reminds me of that kind of positivity (I remember the early 90s, at least, if not 80s), but the future wasn't slick neon vector graphics and cozy night driving to the holodeck arcade, it's UberEats hectoring me about my transphobia using distorted flat design animated "people" flopping about to xylophone music.

Not to derail this into a political/cultural thread, it's just something I always end up thinking about with synthwave.


I agree about synthwave, but that's why I only listen to it when I'm in a dystopian mood. That's why it makes sense as like intro music to a Keith Woods or Jay Dyer video, because they're probably about to get into some dark stuff, and hence synthwave is really the most appropriate music to set the mindspace to such thinking. Similar to how Gregorian chanting or classical music is great for when you're in a positive mood, punk music or stuff like 311 above is great for when you're "neutral" like painting a house or doing construction, etc. So I think synthwave has it's place