What are you listening to?


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I have just bought two of Tom MacDonald's songs - Clown World and Censored. As I wrote on another thread, it's not typically my sort of music, but I felt compelled to support this guy's work.

Great recommendation, I love hip hop but too many these days are "woke". Hearing a red pill rapper is a big change.

i guess i always have been kind of fond of the good old days, i grew in my teens with a love for fifties rock and roll. Even if there was a countercultural element even back then, it seemed much tamer than the modern SJW insanity


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Had a Colombian fella come over and fix my AC unit and I had YouTube playing music in the apartment and this song came on. After rewatching this video... the song and the video are pure art and possibly the pinnacle of the combination. After he finished fixing the AC and cleaning up he said this was the best song in the world and from the greatest era of music. I thought that was pretty cool he had such a appreciation for music in a language he didn't even speak.... and probably helps my case that this is truly something special