What are you listening to?


This is something I grew up enjoying every Christmas. My late father was a saxophone player—a very good saxophone player—and each year he’d put this album on the record player and do a saxophone accompaniment to each song. I believe this was recorded in 1952.

I have the whole album on iTunes.

Guy Lombardo also did a live New Year’s Eve broadcast from NYC each year for 48 years—from 1928 to 1976. His final show was from Times Square, and it was when I was 8 years old.

On a side note, I think “Winter Wonderland”—the version Guy Lombardo does on this album—was something Saturday Night Live remade into the music of their Lawrence Welk parodies. I believe the women’s part on that original song was done by the “Andrews Sisters”, who were probably the model for SNL’s “Maharelle Sisters” with “Dooneese”.

The Dooneese/Welk skits are the only things I’ve found funny about SNL since the 1990s.

Oh—and Merry Christmas everybody. Can’t forget that.