What are you listening to?

Thomas More

I'm sitting in a bar where someone is playing old rock with Christian influences:

Will the Circle be Unbroken by Nitty Gritty Dirt band (better known by Johnny Cash)(I have sang this for karaoke, and did the mama voice, the kids voice, and the deep daddy voice)

One Toke Over the Line Sweet Jesus (a little edgy, I admit, but some of us can relate)

Key to the Highway by Clapton

One I haven't heard, which is very rare, is Uncloudy Day, by Don Henley. I learned this song once by singing it in a rural Baptist church, and was amazed to hear it on the radio a few months later, by Don Henley of all people!
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Other Christian
This was a song in 'Nightmare on Elm Street Part IV (which is an excellent movie and very underrated). I think this song is also very underrated:

I am adding the movie trailer as well. I also recommend parts 1, 3, and 5. Parts 2 and 6 were bad.

In part 2, there is a lot of weird homosexual propaganda and it doesn't really connect to part 1. In part 6, Freddy becomes too comical and it feels childish and the plot also got weird.




Any chance to slip Moz in. He is among just a few musicians of real integrity. He cannot be bought or sold out.

This is a cover of Buffy Sainte Marie but it has very poignant lyrics for our time

Mama she keeps them unprepared to meet the enemy.
So common unto all
Teach them that evil dwells across the sea
Lives in a mountain like they see on TV

It's down in the heart of town
The devil dresses up
He keeps his nails clean
Well did you think he was a boogey man?
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