What are you paying for car insurance?


Yes. My car insurance bill has gone up every year.

On top of that, I just found out that my insurance company has gone woke - "Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity" - as you can see below article. Currently I am looking for a different insurance company.

Don't Stop At Bud Light--Geico Needs To Be Next​

It honestly can't be that hard to start an insurance company. You'd need a lot of money to start obviously, it's not like you're starting a landscaping business with a push mower and a weed whacker, but besides a few million capital to start, you simply just need to do some market research - all the stuff you really need is public - and then a way to advertise your service. Someone could advertise on Gab as a non-woke car insurance company. They wouldn't even need great rates, people are willing to spend slightly above average to support people on their team. Dissident Soaps on Gab does this well, and they make a great product based on everything I've heard.


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AAA 97 Land Cruiser and 2010 Ferrari california I was paying $210 for full coverage. I felt that was a good price especially considering the exotic but i also felt the LC was overpriced because if I totaled it they would totally lowball me on it trying to give me book value when it's actually worth a lot more so i guess it evened out. No accidents, no tickets and live in a very safe area.

Unfortunately about 6 months ago it went to $293 which is a pretty hefty 40% increase. Called them up to ask what the deal was and they told me they were adjusting prices to reflect the increase in car values....which seemed odd as they were pretty late to the party on that. I shopped around but didn't find better, I guess it just is what it is. I was told to remove the coverage from the Ferrari when I'm not driving it for the winter, might do that.


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I just got my car insurance bill and it went up 12%. I did a quote with a competing company and turns out I'm still paying a lesser amounts. Anyone else's bills rapidly go up recently?
My mother just mentioned this weekend hers went up substantially. Been hearing anecdotally that car thefts and accidents are way up. One factor is tiktok trends like "The Kia Boyz" videos showing a defect on Kias and Hyundais (they're owned by the same conglomerate) allowing them to be hotwired using a USB cable. Apparently Nissans and Infinitis may have another exploit allowing them to be stolen easily. Some insurance companies are declining to even cover certain of these makes and models going forward.