What are your Favorite Movies?


I would first like to point to the excellent Red Pill Movies thread as a starting point, but also to not cause confusion or to make anyone think this is a dupe.

This thread is for our favorite movies, whether they be blue pill, red pill, left-leaning, right-leaning or straight up apolitical. It does not matter, just as long as they move you and have impacted you in some way whether it was through wonderful themes, good writing,a strong emotional impact or just sheer entertainment value. I'd like to share some of my personal favorites:

Crimes and Misdemeanors: This thread was inspired by a Return of Kings article that gave an in-depth analysis of this movie. This is one of Woody Allen's finest. I am a huge Woody Allen fan, and have seen almost every one of his movies. In many ways this is the most pessimistic and bleak films in his filmography, but strangely enough has a bit of hope in the end.

The Man Who Planted Trees
: A short animated French Canadian film about a man going his own way, and making the world a little bit better in the process. Elzeard Bouffier loses his wife and only child and decides to plant trees in a desolate an barren land in France. While war ravages the continent he contines on undisturbed and brings life and beauty to a countryside. You can find the entire movie in great quality on Vimeo or Youtube. I find it to be about the creative and loving side of masculinity that is not often explored.

Princess Mononoke
: The only movie about 'environmentalism' that doesn't talk down to its audience and inundate us with condescending didacticism. The 90s had many atrocious environmentalism-themed shows and movies like Ferngully, Captain Planet and Steven Seagal's On Deadly Ground. The humans in this movie are not just destroying the environment out of short-sighted greed, but for the survival of their Iron-making tribe. The spirits and gods of nature are not portrayed as pure, but in fact are in the process of falling from grace. The art and animation is breathtaking and is one of Studio Ghibli's finest. In fact it was the first Studio Ghibli movie I saw and introduced me to an awesome series of movies.

Aliens: There has been so much positive said about this movie. What I love is how it is one of the few movies that portrays the 'strong independent women' well. The women are vulnerable, competent and likeable. So many strong female characters nowadays are portrayed as bull-busting bitches, but the women here could easily be in the company of men and earn their respect. Setting that aside, the action and special effects are awesome, and the relationship between Newt and Ripley is the most touching ever put on screen.

Finding Nemo: I would recommend you check out Confused Matthew's review, as he goes over many of the movie's strong points.

He covers many of my favorite movies better than i could:

Terminator 2

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Back to the Future

Hook: This is probably the silliest of my favorites. A large part of the reason I love it is because it was a childhood favorite. It is also one of the most epic silly movies ever made with an awesome cast, spectacular set and costume design, and a musical score that conveys the magic of Neverland. Other favorite guilty pleasures of mine include: George of the Jungle, Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality (blatant you-grrrl-ism!) and Mallrats.

What are you favorites and why?
Obviously leaving stuff out here but these come to mind right away

The Godfather Part 1 and 2
-In my opinion I don't think there will be anything better than this in my lifetime. I would have a hard time picking which one I like more but I like Part 2 how it goes into more of Vito Corleone's past.

Donnie Brasco
-Johnny Depp's relationship with Al Pacino

-Love gangster movies


-Shows the bond of a tank crew through the war

Almost Famous
-Gives us a peek into what it was like for an up and coming early 70's rock group

Forrest Gump

Shawshank redemption
-Morgan Freeman makes this movie

"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"
-This movie was really underrated and it really shows how desolate Missouri and the surrounding area was at the time. Amazing cinematography as well.
Inception, it's very intriguing and mysterious science fiction movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is main character in this movie.

Mamma Mia, a very cool romance comedy, with Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep.

Hodejegerne, a great Norwegian action mystery film.

Få meg på,For faen, a cool Norwegian romance/drama, very cool one indeed!

The King's Speech, a great English drama, starring Colin Firth.

James Bond Casino Royal, the best Bond movie in my opinion, with Daniel Craig and Eva Green.

Swimming Pool, a French movie, with the hot Ludivine Sagnier.

Inglorious Bastards, a cool historic drama movie about WWII, with the German Diane Kruger.


Just a quick selection

The Living Daylights: best Bond film in my opinion. Dalton was everything that bond should have been, he was hugely underrated. He's ice cold but dramatic when necessary and still has a soft side. I love the 80s soundtrack too. Big nostalgic favourite of mine since I was very young.

The Terminator: Yeah, T2 is bigger, badder, higher budget etc and an amazing amazing film...but the first one takes it for me by a small margin. I love the (again) very 80s soundtrack, the electro-industrial feel of it really suits the movie which is more of a horror flick than T2 which is more action/adventure. Arnold was never better imo.

Se7en: Its dark, dreary, brutal as fuck and Kevin Spacey as John Doe is one of the most chillingly evil (and understandable) villains I've ever seen...and we never actually see him kill a single person. His monologue near the end of the film is priceless.

Platoon: As much as they do REALLY OVERUSE that Adagio for Strings, this is one of my favourite warm films. It doesn't preach but instead lets you make up your own mind. There are some very funny moments, and its hard not to get a bit choked up by the end.


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This film has everything. Ultraviolence. Cyborgs. Hookers and cocaine. Jesus allegories. A guy who gets half-melted by toxic sludge then splatted by a van. And so many brilliant lines. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Die Hard:


THE greatest Christmas movie of all time. And Alan Rickman steals every scene he's in.

American Psycho:


Christian Bale is mesmerising in the blackest comedy of all time.

Coming To America:


Nothing red pill about this film, it's just hilarious and full of memorable scenes and great dialogue. Even the minor characters are brilliant: deluded singer Randy Watson, the old guys at the barbershop, the African guy who accosts Akeem when he's waiting in line for the restroom, the "royal penis is clean" scene... this was Eddie Murphy at his movie career peak, and he's a joy to watch. Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones are also fantastic in this film.

The Shining:


This film still gives me the shivers. It draws you in from the opening credits and never lets go. A masterclass in dread and madness that modern films with their cheapo scares and jump cuts should try to learn from.
1. True Romance
This is my favorite Quentin Tarantino film. It's violent, sexy, and has some of the coolest cameos by Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, and even had Tony Soprano. Own this and Pulp Fiction.

2. The Thing
This movie had the best movie monster ever. All the practical effects and impending dread made it one of the greatest horror movies ever. Kurt Russel and Keith David played total badasses.

3. Goodfellas
The greatest dude film. I will never forget that one scene where Ray Liota beats the shit out of his neighbor with the butt of his pistol. Then when he tells his wife to hide the gun. Alpha all the way.

3. Fargo
You can't really go wrong with the Coen Brothers. This one even tops The Big Lebowski as one of the greatest dark comedies of all time.

4. World's Greatest Dad
A criminally underrated dark comedy staring Robin Williams.

5. Starship Troopers
Fascist satire mixed with some great action set pieces. Paul Verhoven was on fire with Robocop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers. Own all three.

6. Idiocracy
A wonderful dystopian satire from Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead and Office Space fame.


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What Dreams may Come: Robin Williams gets offed in a car accident and witnesses everything taking place on heaven and earth after his death. It's formatted to where a simple story is presented in a way that allows for mystery with eventual, dramatic revelations. If you believe in any sort of after life, then this movie will make you get choked up. The depictions of heaven are unique and the soundtrack is amazing. The family dynamics are very convincing as well.

Thank You For Smoking: About an advertising mogul that uses charisma to get out of almost any situation. This movie is full of game and also was informative about smoking and how media twists the truth.

Lord of War: it's self explanatory. Nick Cage is one evil bastard in this one. It claims to be inspired by true events of gun running and features low key morality ponderings throughout the story while being a bad boy, dark comedy. Jared Leto manages to be funny also. I liked the amount of thinking and present tense feeling involved in the movie. It's very down to earth while being thoughtful at the same time.

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Fight club- beaten to death why this is such a great movie.

The Raid 2- Has some of the dopest fight scenes I have ever seen in a movie.

The Last American Virgin- All boys in high school should watch this movie, So they can learn the lesson of oneitis with out having to go through it. Has some juvenile humor thrown in which I also like.

Aliens- Good ole action/Sci Fi movie fun

The Fifth Element- Great wacky movie, Chris Tucker was funny as hell in the movie



How Green was My Valley

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

The Wild Bunch

Paths of Glory

Apocalypse Now

Annie Hall

The Godfather I and II


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City of God - number one pick by far. Beautiful story, has a bit of everything, brilliant story telling..

Batman Begins - My favourite superhero movie. Nice to see how we becomes who he is, and how all the struggles he faced weren't to prove anything to anyone but rather to better himself.

Tropa de Elite - my avatar and name on this forum is the protagonist of the movie. I still believe he is a very good image for who a man should be. Take care of your family, and get necessary shit done, no matter the costs..

Swingers - The best game movie period. At first glance you can learn some game techniques from this. But if you internalize some of the message in this film it will do your inner game wonders. Best thing to watch when you want to get over a girl or in between relationships.

Fight Club - I'm not sure much needs to be said here. Slaps you in the face and makes sure you're at the very least aware of common traps in our society and lives.

Honourable mentions:
- Godfather
- Casino Royale
- Goodfellas
- Red Cliff
- Rush
- Vicky Christina Barcelona
- Shawshank Redemption

I'm sure I forgot some solid films as well.

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Any Kubrick movie but especially:

- A Clockwork Orange
- Eyes Wide Shut
- The Shining


- Psycho
- Strangers on a Train


- Gran Torino
- Million Dollar Baby
- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Directed by Leone]
- High Plains Drifter
- The Outlaw Josie Wales

Most underrated:

- Blow Up - Antonioni

- American Psycho - Mary Harron
- The Machinist
- Trainspotting - Danny Boyle
- Apocalypse Now - Copolla
- In Bruges - Martin McDonagh
- Scent of a Woman - Martin Brest
- The Godfather 1 & 2. Godfather 2 would be the superior movie in my opinion.
- The Silence of the Lambs
- Vanilla Sky - You will like it even more if you are a Tom Cruise fan like I am
- Goodfellas
- Zodiac - David Fincher
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - David Fincher
- Donnie Darko
- There Will be Blood
- The Dark Knight


1. Heat
2. True Romance
3. Terminator
4. Starship Troopers (Its a total cheeseball but its fun to watch. Also the novel is fantastic)
5. Inglorious Bastards


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The Terminator (1984)

When I get down to it, I'm hard pressed to pick a film that I has influenced and just resonated with me, delighted to see that it has been mentioned a few times here. It doesn't feel like it was made on an assembly line, making sure everything's checked off to please as many people as possible. James Cameron has never bettered this.

So raw and unpackaged, amazing characters (side characters too) and peerless atmosphere/world concept. Everyone picks Alien and 2001 as more "important" sci-fi picks, but this for me just feels better. The tension and coldness taking place over a few days. LA feels like doom at night.

T2 is one of the best sequels ever, but this has something so elemental and primal/brutal, the yin and yang of Sarah's feminity vs Kyle's almost feral primal wild dog nature not believed by the state or anybody for that matter, only to be left with the unborn messiah in an ever darkening future that they still have yet to endure.

The score got me into learning keyboard as I wanted to play the love theme.

Michael Biehn puts on the most underrated sincere acting performance of ALL TIME.
I will NEVER get sick of this film. I could watch it forever and still find new things.

So sad, the woman in the background crying over lord knows what, and you're just left wondering.....why did we do this to ourselves?

Lost in Translation (2003)

I was 16 and saw this starting on a channel one night, by the end I thought I want to do this. Also best looking Scarlett, Bill Murray playing the most non reactive aloof man going. It's totally not my type of film was just sucked into so much. Nothing happens yet everything happens. Funny and warm, an actual feel good film. Sucks you in completely. Also funny to see Charlotte wondering if philosophy was such a good degree, lol. Really nails human nature and travelling down so well.

Scenes like this made Murray a legend for me I never really noticed him which is strange, the little details like the Japanese crew laughing in the back. Hilarious scenes.

Hands close your face, his deliverance is brilliant.

I've always love the peace of hotels or travelling at night alone when no one is around, the airiness, something both films capture well.
-The Godfather
-Terminator 2
-The Departed
-Training Day
-The Dark Knight Trilogy
-Lord of the Rings triliogy

Probably forgetting some.


^While Terminator 2 is a good flick, T1 is a masterpiece. The direction, musical score and casting is fantastic.

I'm also adding Ronin to my list. DeNiro at his finest.
- I saw the Devil
- Master and Margerita (technically a TV series but still)
- Heat
- Casino
- 36 Quai des Orfeveres (French police film)
- Raid 1 and 2

RIslander said:
^While Terminator 2 is a good flick, T1 is a masterpiece. The direction, musical score and casting is fantastic.

For me it's the other way around. T2 is the masterpiece. Blows the first one out of the water in almost every respect.
1. Magnolia - Paul Thomas Anderson
2. 8 1/2 - Federico Fellini
3. Vivre Sa Vie - Jean-Luc Godard
4. Mirror - Andrei Tarkovsky
5. Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese
6. Persona - Ingmar Bergman
7. That Obscure Object Of Desire - Luis Bunuel
8. Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid - Sam Peckinpah
9. A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick
10. It Happened On Night - Frank Capra
11. Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese
12. The Conformist - Bernardo Bertolucci
13. Le Cercle Rouge - Jean-Pierre Melville
14. Blow-Up - Michelangelo Antonioni
15. Pickpocket - Robert Bresson


My first favorite science fiction film is Blade Runner, notably the introduction with the flames on top of city buildings, the cars flying, the futuristic soundtrack (for it's time) and the eye really made an impression on me for a science fiction story.

My next film is A Nightmare on Elm Street, just the original film. I'm not counting the sequels, remake or the Freddy vs Jason crossover. The soundtrack plays eerie tunes to make you think it's not ok to fall asleep or else Freddy gets you. Nancy, the main character, is definitely not a Mary Sue for a final girl in slasher films. She's resourceful and tries to rally her friends to stop Freddy. Freddy in this one is the ghost of a child murderer and not a joker like he was in the sequels. The film was also inspired by real life events and Freddy's name was modeled after someone that bullied the director, Wes Craven.

My favorite crime film is Brother by Takeshi Kitano. He plays a Yakuza exiled to the US to find his little brother and ends up building a new power in California only to have it end in bloodshed. I'm a fan of his work from Kikujiro to Battle Royale.