What do you think about country music?

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Most people know the Statler Brothers from Grand Theft Auto's K-ROSE or the Flowers On The Wall scene in Pulp Fiction, but I knew them from my Grandma's 8 track :D

Some of the best harmonies you will ever hear.

I always loved the line "an angel in hell in New York city, but I can't think about that now"... only years later I found out it's about a woman who leaves her man and becomes a single mom in New York City.

Their commentary on Hollywood was very precient:

Everybody knows when you go to the show you can't take the kids along.
Youve gotta read the paper and know the code of G PG and R and X
And you gotta know what the movie's about before you even go.
Tex Ritter's gone and Disney's dead and the screen is filled with sex.

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Many artists have covered it, but I always thought Waylon's versions of Gentle on My Mind was beautiful. Guy had an amazing voice:

The Dream - one of the last songs he recorded before his death

A few other hits I could listen to over and over...

Brooks & Dunn

Bellamy Brothers

Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving



I’m not too big into the Nashville commercial pop country stuff. I more prefer folk, bluegrass, Americana. Probably my favorite is Trampled by Turtles. Music that really makes you feel more grounded and in touch with a more roots based country living themes and lifestyle. Tailgate and lake boat party music has its place I suppose but it usually is just pumped out crap so Nashville executives can make a quick cash grab. I know he’s super popular but I really like Zac Brown’s music. Great singer/songwriter/storyteller and his backing band is really talented as well. Would love to see Taylor Swift go back and do a 100% pure country album again as well.


I don't have the vocabulary to describe what I like in country, but it seems like "bluegrass" is the closest. Kinda folky, kinda bluesy, heavy on fiddles, something with some piano would be nice, too. Keep the recs coming, please.


Here's a good rec, with a purty little fiddle player too. Band out of Wyoming with some good stuff. Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band. Seen em at a rodeo a couple years back and damn that was a good time. Real rowdy show. They came out with a new song late last year, Fastest Gun In Town. Kickass song. Feel like I've had it on repeat ever since. This is the stuff Nashville needs to be playing on radio for the country.

"When I nod my head and say a prayer, and that gateman cracks the latch, and who I am is more than just the number on my back".

Music video gives me chills everytime. All guts and glory. Damn shame that dirt starts feeling a lot harder and hurtin more after you turn 30. :squintlol:

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I grew up listening to 70s and 80s country music, when it was current, since my Dad listened to it when I was a kid. I'm partial to that era of country as it mostly told stories of real men dealing with real life. I'm not into the sad stuff, I'm talking about the more upbeat Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr, and the like. Older stuff like Marty Robbins and Charley Pride are good too. I'm into progressive rock, metal, grunge and all that too, but the country mentioned above always grounds me and gives me a peaceful feeling. It reminds of me of home as a kid, my Dad and the huge extended family we were a part of growing up.