What do you think about country music?


I've always listened to country music, mostly red dirt and Texas these past couple years. One big name on the Texas circuit is Koe Wetzel, I didn't like his early stuff but I discovered his song "Ragweed" and started listening to more of him. He's got some solid songs. Some other good names from the TX/Red Dirt genre are Cottonwood Crows, Turnpike Troubadors, Reckless Kelly (Reckless has a mess of great songs), and Jason Boland. One older Texas singer who is rarely played outside of some local stations is Brian Burns, his songs like "Thunderstorms and Tyler Roses" and "The Last Living Cowboy" are underrated. TX/Red Dirt I think is being pushed towards a more mainstream sound by the major labels but if you know where to look there are still great singers writing songs with heart and soul to 'em.



I used to really like country music but I think the new stuff is very subversive. It's meant to keep men as simps and while they refer to Jesus often it's in a very irreverent way, almost like Jesus is my girlfriend type vide. Plus all the gay stuff they are bringing in. Pretty much now I only listen to classical, jazz, big band and Sinatra crooners. But that's just me.