What do you think about country music?


"Time marches on" has really aged well as a song... every time I hear that I change the words to fit today which isn't hard

John Anderson is so choice, one of the most under-rated country artists of all time. In the 80s he was singing hard country and blues while groups like Alabama mined disco country gold. Most of his best material never charted and he recorded a lot of risque songs that weren't welcome in country radio of the 80s

I like Church but he's a polarizing personality, kind of has a big head and comes across as self obsessed sometimes. I separate the music from the artist and he's one of the most creative out there. "Homeboy" and "Taladega" are well written songs, but I still haven't listened to most of his albums
I used to hate country music. I would trash it so much when people would talk about listening to it. "It's just dumb redneck music, where they sing about trucks, dogs, and exes"

Flash forward to today, and I'm super into it.

I highly suggest checking out country dance bars. I've started going to one close by and it's unparalleled with the quality of women compared to anywhere else.

- Barely any obese women walking around.
- Incredibly easy dance to pick up the basics almost immediately.
- Super low bitch shields. Girls will thank you for dancing with them.
- Low competition. The dudes with game don't dance, and the dudes that dance don't have game.
- Super easy to go up to almost any girl and get them to dance with you. They will give almost anyone at least one shot.

Country music itself is also just a huge panty dropper. I've never seen the kind of reactions country can make with any other genre.

Put this guy on your music playlist when you have a girl over, you can thank me later.



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captain_shane said:
"It's just dumb redneck music, where they sing about trucks, dogs, and exes"

Well what the fuck else do you want to sing about? :laugh:

I had a chick over Christmas night from tinder. We stayed up till three AM, listened to Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers and Don Williams and talked about just that.

Whilst smoking and drinking...

Good times. Love it.
Country music is awesome. It has a long history (Hank Williams was putting out music all the way back in the 1940s) and has a very cool referential vibe.

Here are a few of the all time classics.



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As English isn't his first language I can forgive the few mishaps. This guy is impressive
Its funny to see the way the Korean people in the crowd really dont know how to dance along with old country music, again can't blame them.

You can see those lady judges swooning once he starts singing... I may or may not have swooned myself
Has a serious impact on Southern Women in the US. Don't knock it until you've seen the number of southern women into it at a dancehall, looking for a dancing partner...
Roosh said:
I recently stumbled on country singer Jason Isbell and his newest album Southeastern. There is actual weight to his lyrics without talk about pickup trucks and beer. At the same time he doesn't cross over into overtly beta territory, though he songs do reflect life's pains.

I'm finding it hard to identify with the themes in pop music and hip hop. They're not so realistic.

I hate Country Western music, but really like Country Western bars. The music for me is like nails on a chalkboard, but the women in these bars are fantastic.

Sometimes I take notes, sometimes I take hostages. It all depends on the day.


Great thread.

There is a lot of good music coming out of Nashville, still, but its not played on Top 40 country stations. You can hear it on Nashville's independenet station, WRLT, which you can listen to on TuneIn or whatever app you prefer.

Having lived in Americanised parts of Mexico and the USA for 2 months, I found it increasingly boring and repetitive, but I've little doubt there are some fantastic bits of work. 9 to 5 is my favourite so far.


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Beautiful song... No words needed

Good 90s alt-country tune from Oklahoma

Hank 1 would be proud...

If you grew up with parents who liked country music you'll remember this one

I heard this one the other day and i dig it. Sort of reminds me of that band Spoon but with a western twinge


Some gents above mentioned Chris Stapleton. Truly an amazing artist and musical genius. He was in a band called the Steeldrivers before going solo. This one song called "Where the rainbows never die" is til this day for me one of the most powerfully sentimental songs I think I've heard. It still hits me deep and gives me chills every time. About a man accepting his old age. Coming to grip with the end of his life and ready to embrace eternity. I listen to this song from time to time, if I feel like I need a swift reminder of my mortality. No regrets.

He writes how "young people don't pay me no mind". Always talk to an old man and pick his brain when you have a chance. Usually eager to tell their stories, and one can learn so much.

I'm an old man now
I can't do nothing
Young folks don't pay me no mind
But in my day I sure was something
Before I felt the heavy hand of time

I'm an old man now
I'm bound for glory
Time to lay these burdens down
Had enough of this old world of worry
Gonna trade my troubles for a crown

I will make my way across the fields of cotton
And wade through muddy waters one last time
And in my dreams I come out clean
When I reach the other side
West of where the sun sets
Where rainbows never die

I've got one last thing to do
One more mile before I'm through
Casting off these earthly chains
Going where theres no more pain

I will make my way across the fields of cotton
And wade through muddy waters one last time
And in my dreams I come out clean
When I reach the other side
West of where the sun sets
Where rainbows never die

I'm an old man now
Can't do nothing
Young folks don't pay me no mind