What do you think about country music?


I've been enjoying a lot of the older country lately (not that I liked much of the new country-pop being put out these days anyway).
Love the story-telling in Jimmy Dean's songs:

I hear a lot of people say they hate country, but I can't honestly say I have anything against it. Perhaps its in my blood as a white American.

I stumbled upon this playlist, and I'm quite impressed with it.


I grew up a metal fan but picked up country in college as country western dancing was the only way to meet girls at the time unless you wanted to bump and grind on hoebags...

Red dirt genre country is more rock and roll plus a fiddle. Some good bands I still listen to are Jason Boland, Chris Knight, Reckless Kelly, Stoney Larue, Corry Morrow, Pat Green, Shooter Jennings to name a few.

Other than that I'm a Merle Haggard/George Jones/Waylon Jennings guy.

Chris Knight
Jason Boland


been having creed fisher on dj repeat. This guys lyrics are great.

"These days dad's are always gone, mommas still here but she's on her phone, grandma's raising the kids and the devil is too"



I had all of this life I can handle.
Meet me underneath that big Montana sky.

Hell yeah. It's between this and John Denver's Wild Montana Skies as the unofficial state anthem for Montana. I think John Denver takes the win.

Here's a couple other good ones.
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Check out Ken Burns Documentary Country Music, even if you don't like it. The history is really cool. Also, the soundtrack is great with a bit of sampling through out its history. Some of those guys were really rebels, which surprised me.

My self like Americana best if have to listen to modern stuff, but as a result of the above I really like the old hillbilly music. Btw, I love live music and always found country bands to really rock and have fun.

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I *should* like (older) country music but despite growing up and spending most of my life in the southern US, I could just never relate to the feel of it. I feel more at home in midwest emo and indie rock.


I love country music. It helped me with my English many years ago when I started studying it by myself. My favorite performer so far is this guy called Jerry reed. What a great performer and guitar player. Love the bass tones that come out of the majority of Country singers. I find it funny lots of Americans hate their own folk music just like I hate colombian Vallenato.