What does it feel like to be an unattractive woman?

Well said. If I walk around my city for a few hours and count the women of child bearing age I don't want to bang, it's 90% size, 10% ugliness.

The problem is even 2s and 3 obese women have had drunken sex with 5 and 6 males and think that's what they deserve. 0-4 men aren't given any false hope.

Summed up perfectly.

My own experience of women complaining about being unattractive is just whiny fat women that have no knowledge how to improve their situation, yet refuse to acknowledge men in their weight class (cos her hypergamy doesn't even acknowledge men of poor physical condition like herself)

I have seen ugly but fit-bodied women do quite well, and bag a man above their league. The keys to universe for women is to keep slim.
Yes, this (true) analysis is totally beyond most people, and certainly would be denied by all women. It's funny that they just excuse all the wasted time from age 20-30something when the desire comes after 30 to finally have a family, as if they didn't know that would happen. Well, ladies, if you purposefully ignore it, of course it'll happen all of a sudden!

The problem is being honest to women in a sense about their prospects or SMV - no one wants to do it especially in the modern and insane "sensitivity" age. There have been ugly and unmarriageable women for time immemorial. One just has to understand this, and send them off to work, or finagle a family deal where someone will take the ugly duckling. Right? It's not like we didn't have solutions to this 200k year problem already. Weird.

Plenty of Men haven't married in history. Some are given more and others are given less. But each in the end must find true meaning in God.

This fact of life is a message to many that marriage and family are not to be made idols of. Even when it is good. Its not for everyone.

Singleness is just as valid as being married.

Its our own godless society and even churches that is making such people discontent because they make idols of such things.


Yea, it’s admittedly a bit of an extreme example. I suppose the idea being that ideally your 16 old daughter will be raised with some discipline and morals, but if she must be a wild child, she can do it in the proper venues. The problem I see is that women have this weird in-between status between full development (15-16) and when they are deemed adults by culture and law (18-21), and that breeds alot of negative, rebelious behavior. I personally think women have no business in schools beyond 16 unless they have specific goals in mind. I believe the majority women are simply more interested in mate selection, and “education” and “career” was always just code for “access to higher status men” for most.
There’s always that old standby, the all-girls boarding school. (Or convent.)