What is most important in a wife or girlfriend to you?

What is most important in a wive or girfriend to you?

  • Her psychical attractiveness

    Votes: 24 29.6%
  • having a laid back/relaxed personality( so not being much neurotic)

    Votes: 41 50.6%
  • Her libido scale

    Votes: 5 6.2%
  • how much money she has/makes

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • other

    Votes: 34 42.0%

  • Total voters
There was a thread talking about the "happy gene" in a woman, it kind of matches with the laid back personality I guess.
Yes that is related. But a women with a lot of mood swings could still have quite a lot of happy moments when being a neurotic, anxious , easily stressed women overall I think. But on average laid back women have next to less anxiety/stress /neurotisicm also more happy moments, yes.


Girlfriend - looks.
Wife - personality.

Cliche advice for the younger guys, beauty fades and in the long run it matters very little. Take it from me, 42, divorced and full of regrets. My ex-wife was a stunner but after a while that didn't mean much. I'm dating for marriage now and I'm trying to be less shallow than I was in my younger years. This doesn't mean taking physicality out of the picture, it just means looking at the picture in full rather than just one piece of it.
I've been married for over 6 years, so I voted for what I looked for, and, thankfully, still have in a wife. I voted other and physical attractiveness. Other referring to several things, such as, willingness to follow my lead, Christian, same race as me, a nurturing disposition. I wasn't looking for a model, but I also like tall, slender women, so that was covered under physical.


Dated the hot crazies. Married one once. I would highly not suggest pursuing a crazy hot chick because of lust.

Round two i decided i wouldn't marry a woman who wasn't on the same faith walk. Obviously they had to be physically attractive and feminine and kind, but to be genuine and demonstrate faith and conservative nature was the only way I would have considered anything more than a couple dates.

Then again I wasn't really looking when 8 found that person... So there's that too.


Her personality and outlook has to be a close enough match to that of my own family. If there's a similar dynamic between her and her closest relatives to the dynamic in my own family then we can understand each other on a deeper level than someone who isn't used to that. I'm basically looking for someone who kinda reminds me of my Mom and Grandma without looking too much like them.

As others have mentioned, loyalty and respect matter, too, of course.