What is the current cultural identity of white people?

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I think we can all agree that the differences between various white ethnic groups have eroded substantially.

On social media I see people mocking the idea of "white culture" and the rebuttal on the right seems to be a montage of history, and/or the countless amount of architecture, artifacts, relics, traditions found through out the west and Europe. The problem here is there's very little successive adoption of any of these things or further production of them.

People don't want to wear traditional cloth. People no longer build beautiful things. Traditional past times and practices fell out of fashion and are kind of saturated with people who don't share a common identity. A far-leftist can pick up archery and kind of enjoy it in a vacuum. Effort was made to make organizations such as Boy Scouts more accessible, trying to remove any kind of bonding experience, diluting the experience. Everything we have is reshaped towards consumerism rather than an identity forming experience.

I'm a big believer in the concept of Christian culture. Surprising Wikipedia has a fairly good explanation of it.

I like to rag on migrants as much as anyone, am categorically opposed to large population movements, but we have to ask what are these migrants suppose to assimilate into? It's not hard to "assimilate" when all you have to do is watch tv, drink alcohol, walk your dog, drive a car and go to work. What social pressures are even being put on these newcomers? There doesn't seem to be many.

It seems the only spoken aloud pressure is for people to abandon their own cultural practices. They should practice "tolerant" religion, they need to let go of "barbaric" practices, be more passive and more "accepting". That all sounds great, but again, what are they becoming a part of?

So when people bring up LGBT and Marxism, what established order are these ideologies challenging? When transsexualism became a hot topic, did this ideology push something away, supersede something, did it challenge something, or is it able to manifest itself in a sort of vacuum?

People say these things are being forced upon us but where is the opposing force here? Saying you want to be "left alone" is a very weak argument. It's a liberal argument at it's core. You agree that people should do as they please but there's things you don't want to be forced to participate in. Well these people are making the argument that their "lifestyle" should be accepted, not shunned. At the end of the day if you avoid something, you are essentially shunning it. So there has to be a reason to shun it. The only reason I can think of is because you oppose it, contradicting your own argument of being left alone.

So the question here is if so many European descendants abandoned Christian culture and their own ethnic practices, what culture do we practice now that connects us together? Something must of taken it's place. What traditions do we have now? Going to college? Buying a house? Playing sports?

I personally think our "new" culture is complete permeated with liberalism due to a lack of identity. I believe it's impossible to participate in western society without being molded by this liberalism in some sort of fashion. I don't believe we have any opposing force and liberalism seems to reign supreme. The only advantage we currently have is the fact that these perversions being promoted are extremely unnatural. We can always fall back on the strength of nature/reality when challenging them. When we win the war against perversion, will that be our new identity? People who are "attuned" to nature yet liberal at heart?

A lot of people have been taking pride in the technological achievements of the west, using it as an identifier, but a time is coming when technology globally will stop being a novel thing. The whole world seems to be headed towards a monolithic culture. Everything we do is becoming accessible to everyone. We're paving the way towards this conglomeration of peoples. There's nothing creating actual identity and people don't seem to pursue it. How can you resist something you help create?

What is so appealing about liberalism in our current paradigm? Why do people hold on so strongly to liberal notions when they're deprived of identity? Is liberalism the end of the road in the progression of human civilization? Is that why people feel so strongly about it? What can counterbalance it?

You see a lot of people are starting to talk about race now, which is good, but race isn't strong enough of a cohesive. In order for us to have any sort of cohesion we have to understand who we are and what we have become. When you look in the mirror what do you see? What does it mean to be a "white man" today?
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